How to get more free traffic from search engines

Entrepreneurs have learned that article marketing brings great business exposure, as it makes one of the cheapest forms of advertising. Web developers write articles on a topic related to their domain, product or service, and then distribute or publish it on the Internet through directories. The system of article marketing is not at all new and it does not characterize the age of the Internet alone; in fact, it has been used in combination with mass print for decades. Here is how it works!

Businesses write articles and offer them to local publications for free, on the one condition that they have their business details specified. And there is a profit for both parties. For instance you can read about how to prepare your home and garden for winter just before the cold months begin, and such content is offered by a business that deals in insulation systems. There are hundreds of similar examples for article marketing, and the strategies are used worldwide.

On the Internet, web developers post articles in a similar way, enjoying a double benefit: first of all publishers get access to free content while the business owner takes advantage of very cheap advertising. You don’t have to pay for article submission to web directories, since these sites make profit from advertising with Adsense most of the time. And the more articles get posted, the higher the website popularity and the number of one way links.

Article marketing is also closely connected to search engine optimization and SEO link building service, since a lot of web content is written around the main keywords that define a business on the market. Article marketing materials target niches with very relevant readers, and have the highest chances of generating profit. Hundreds if not thousands of articles thus attract a lot of web surfers and eventually lead to an increase in sales due to the backlinks included in the informative content. Every back links refers to the business website.

Article marketing is also associated with social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn, as the propagation of the materials is possible in these environments too. Quick business exposure is normally the aim of advertisers who rely on one way link building, but the risk that comes with it consists in the reduction of the quality level. Even if good quality content attracts more web visitors, not everybody actually manages to keep the standards up Too bad for them!

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