How To Enhance Reading Speed

All of us are capable of reading much faster than we usually do. Our reading speed changes as per the age, importance of content and many other reading conditions. For most of the people, the average reading speed is 200 words per minute. A human body has 1,000,000,000,000 brain cells, and there are infinite inner connections, or synapses. We all have capacity for reading much faster, and more we read, better we get at it and faster we read.

Tips To Improve Reading Speed

Many people can easily improve reading speedby reading the material that interests them early in the day. It is also important to prioritize the reading material, and you can make the reading piles as important, not-so-important and least important. Reading the material will enhance reading speed and grasp, and try to read it when you are feeling fresh.

When you start reading any book or document, skim the material, and speed read to get the main idea about the educational text and books. Go through the table of contents and last lines of paragraphs to understand the structure of the reading material. This will help you concentrate on the part which need more attention, and hence will help you improve reading speed.

Enhance speed of reading, and comprehension by forming the questions of headings and sub-headings, and then scanning the text for answers. This improves reading speed, and gives more focus.

While reading, it helps to have a proper environment, and a good reading angle. If reading material is kept at 45°, it improves reading speed, and also reduces the strain on eyes. Reading important material should be avoided when you are feeling sleepy, or when you are not feeling relaxed.

Many people feel that highlighting the text in any color improves reading speed and comprehension, but that is not the case. Highlighting is just a way to postpone the learning process, and wasting the time reading material twice without remembering or understanding it.

There are certain materials that need to be read carefully, slowly and with full attention, such as poetry, mathematical equations and legal contracts. Magazines, newspapers and novels can be read at much higher speeds. So, you need to adjust your reading speed as per the material and purpose.

There are many do-it-yourself speed reading software programs available to improve your own reading speed, but for most of the people, they are not effective. Speed reading must be learnt from an experienced and knowledgeable expert.

Additionally, if you have trouble reading, get your eyes tested and get reading glasses. Do not compromise the vital information for the sake of speed. If you don’t understand any part of the text, do no re-read right away. Take a break, it will improve reading speed, and also help in better understanding.

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