How Does A Keylogger Work – Disadvantage Or Advantage

Wondering how does a keylogger work? A keylogger is a computer program or hardware device that records your every key stroke. It records anything and everything you type including your passwords, emails, credit card numbers and etc.

Keyloggers are not always used by criminals or hackers, some company’s use a keylogger to track their employee’s activity and to monitor the use of the company’s computers and Internet by the employees. It will depend on exact company policy but whether these programs are used or not may not be public knowledge within the firm.

The best advantage of keylogger is to use it for back-up objective when your system crashes. It is perfect to have keylogger installed in your computer so you won’t forget some of your important passwords.

There are also some disadvantages in keylogger such as tracks user activity by logging windows titles, makes unauthorized copies of outgoing and incoming email messages, and everything the user types on the computers keyboard while it is sent to the system of the third party and gaining access on the users personal information.

Tips on how to recover a keylogger on your system:

o Open the task window by pressing ctrl+alt+Del on windows. Check some unknown tasks that are running.

o Work with the system configuration utility to locate task that are turned on when the computer is booted on the start up.

o Running the anti-virus can also help you to detect and select where the keylogger is located.

After locating this dangerous keylogger, the best thing to do is to remove it from your system. The best way of removing it is by clicking the process and after that you need to click also the “End Process” button. It will surely terminate the process you have picked out. Advanced keylogger are very difficult to detect even anti-virus could not detect it.

Remember the name of the key logger’s process and reboot your computer. This is the perfect way of checking if the keylogger has been completely removed from your system.

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