How Do You Get Rid Of Malware from your system?

Malware is nothing but the malicious software that harms your computer a big time. You could get malware into your computer from different sources such as a floppy drive, CD drive, pen drive, internet, and so on. Internet is arguably the most common means of getting the malware from. Most commonly known scams involve warning innocent users on the internet about a potential virus on their computer, and offering a free scan. The warning is then followed up by a few prompts to install free antivirus software. This is where the users get trapped and happen to install a mallware. To add to the misery, sometimes victims end up paying money for the harmful software.

There is another term used for such malicious software, the scareware. Microsoft claims that more than 4.4 million computers are infected by the scareware today. You can take a note of few scareware programs: Personal antivirus, XP antivirus, DriveCleaner, RapidAntiVirus, Antivirus’09, and WiPC antivirus. You must be careful of such malware.

So how do you get rid of malware? It could be a painful task to get rid of malware from your computer. If you have been unfortunate to install malware on your PC, you may want to read on. There are several options to choose from, and we have discussed all such options below.

The first thing that you must always do is to take the back up of your critical and important files. Before you start any operations to get rid of malware, make sure you have a copy of your important data. You would not want to lose out on your important data as a result of Malware Removal. You may take a backup on a flash USB drive, Floppy drive (if sufficient), or on a CD drive.

Many people tend to install an anti malware software to clean up an infected computer. This is certainly not the best of options. The malicious software (malware) is smart enough to defend itself. This is not to say that the anti malware software is not a good thing to install. However, it must be installed on a clean computer to protect it from any threats in future. As is famously said, virus programmers generally outsmart the anti virus programmers.

You may run your anti malware software in the safe mode. This option is certainly better than the last one, but still not the most promising. Safe mode would certainly stop any programs from running automatically, but the malware may have infected the OS completely to not let the safe mode do its job. Once your OS has been infected, it is certainly a tedious or rather an impossible task to clean it up completely.

Now, we discuss the arguably best means of removing malware. Disconnect your infected hard disk from your computer and reconnect it to another computer as data (not primary). The computer you connect to must already have a good anti malware installed. This will allow the anti malware to effectively remove the malware. You may want to repeat the process with many computers installed with different anti malware software. This is a time taking job, but worth the effort.

Sometimes it can make more sense to completely format your computer and install a fresh copy of OS. If this option suits you, it will serve by far the best to you. Why spend hours remedying your computer and still not be sure. You could rather reinstall a fresh copy of OS.

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