How do Spyware, Adware and Viruses affect my PC

The differences between Spyware, Adware and Viruses which attack your computer are somewhat varied. My aim is to point some of those differences out in this short article.


Spyware is a malicious software that will not necessarily damage your PC. Basically Spyware creates pathways allowing a third party which does not include you the PC owner to remotely communicate with the infected PC.
Routinely spyware will record which websites you visit, then record this information and pass it onto advertisers to permit them to send you unsolicited emails and pop-ups.
Spyware has become a major problem for all unsuspecting internet users and should be avoided at all costs. big] problem, spyware [tends to.

Spyware have built in exec files which allows them to track your keystrokes, scan files and folders on your PC, and even make a note of your most commonly used applications.
All the information gathered from your hard drive is then forwarded to the person who developed the spyware, they will then sell this info advertisers and other parties.


In comparison Adware is a devious form of freeware. Very different from spyware, adware is a program which is installs itself automatically once a infected program or software is downloaded and installed onto your computer.
Adware on the other hand finds it’s way into sectors of your hard drive which are more vulnerable to attacks.
Clear evidence of spyware infections include unwanted pop-ups, a reduction in your computers operating speed and erroneous error messages.
Typically you will notice that your PC takes longer to startup and shutdown, adware does this by overloading your system and clogging information pipelines.

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Meanwhile, viruses are the most feared and destructive forms of  malicious software.
Their sole purpose is to cause numerous problems, error messages and reduce the performance of your computer. They infect as many files, folders and registry entries of your PC’s operating system or network as possible by initiating self replication sequences.

Luckily there are very good anti virus programs available to prevent amy infections on your PC, the better programs also scan your system for adware and spyware, if detected action will be taken to nutralize them.
spyware,adware or virus] removal programs. They all perform the same function with varying degrees of success, a scan of your hard drive is standard, but the chanses of actually removing adware or spyware is better with more reliable registry cleaners and anti-virus applications. computers] [registry.


I recommend that you frequently update your pathogen or spyware scanner to make sure that your personal computer is protected from the thousands of spyware and viruses lurking on the web. If you are downloading anything from the internet be aware that your chances of being the victim of attacks on your PC goes up dramatically.
Make sure you have your built in firewall, and popup blocker enabled, this will drastically reduce the chanses that your PC becomes infected.

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