Help E-Learners Feel At Home in Learning Management System Environment

Learning Management System (LMS) for eLearning

Particularly for learners using a learning management system for the first time ever, it’s critical to get a handle on what they’re dealing with from the very beginning of the e-learning course. Early communication with students becomes vital when you are creating and delivering e-learning content. What type of data should you provide students at the beginning of the online course?

First of all, you should provide pre-course basic training covering how students will interact with the learning management system, online course, and/or other online tools. Using course features like Coggno’s simple-to-use video feature, create videos that teach students about course navigation. Video tours of the different functions in the course are a simple and enjoyable way to gain information quickly and efficiently. Providing information in an interesting and enjoyable way helps ensure its effectiveness.

Second, create a clear and thorough course outline or syllabus. This kind of early communication with students will help students understand at the very beginning what the course entails.

Include all the basic information in your course outline. {These include information such as the length of the course, start and end dates, how students will be evaluated and the expected involvement of students, learning materials students are expected to purchase, the instructor’s email, phone number or office number, and a detailed description of the course content.} These include information like the start and end dates of the course, the instructor’s phone number and/or email address, a description of the course content, information on how to navigate the course, an explanation of the navigational features, an overall evaluation plan, and a project and exam schedule.

In the syllabus, be sure to emphasize the importance of familiarity with all the features; encourage students to explore the different functions of the LMS. Students should understand where to locate the different functions and how the learning content is divided up. Students should also be told to check regularly for updates and assignments on the LMS. Include information about consequences for missing classes or assignments, or turning in late work.

Lastly and thirdly, provide your students with information about the plagiarism policy for the course, and attach a citation guide. Doing so will help avoid many problems down the road. Unintentional plagiarism happens all the time, but it doesn’t have to. Many people simply don’t know how to properly cite their sources.

Help your students feel comfortable and prepared to embark on the exciting e-learning journey you’ve created for them.

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