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How is the delivery of video and audio? Are the channels often offline/static?

The video and audio are both delivered at a high quality level. There are a handful of channels which may not be totally up to par but most of these are foreign channels. The movie and sports channels are all high quality. There are some countries that transmit at higher qualities than others and some that are not 24/7. One precaution however is that when some events are broadcasted there may be a high demand for the game so load the channel earlier as this can cause delays.

First Impressions

A little boring. The interface does not reflect the inner soul of the software. It should be adventurous-looking, interesting and cool – but the interface just looks hardworking and serious… but as I said before, it’s got it where it counts and delivers the functionality well.

Is the satellite tv for pc software user friendly?

The satellite tv for pc software is very easy to use and you may easily navigate the software and view channels arranged according to country. All you need to do is then click and play.

Is the logical navigation and interface good?

Using satellite tv on pc laptops is easier than before with the inclusion of navigation buttons such as the favorite and record buttons. Easily locate your favorite channel and get to your choice in no time without the scrolling.

Satellite TV for PC Titanium Full Review

How does the application operate after installation?

Installation of the software was simple to accomplish and using the software easy too. There is no need to wait to get started watching satellite tv on pc. Instant access is granted to watch 4000 plus stations. Waiting is limited to when the channel is loading and only takes a few seconds dependent on the speed of the internet connection.

Is it a memory hog, and Does it max out CPU usage often?

Your computer will not even know it’s there. Handles it’s memory very well. No CPU problems, and you do not even have to worry about the pop-ups that you usually get in other products. There will be no interruption in your viewing and in your CPU usage.

List of features in product

The “”add to favourites”” feature, the record button, over 4000 channels, no TV card needed, works with all window-based programs, full screen support and only one-time payment.

Trial Period or Free Download?

Though you cannot download a trial version of Satellite TV for PC Titanium, you can buy the product and just get a refund if you do not like the product. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Sweet!

Is there anything which sets this software apart?

One great feature of this software is the fact that all you need is a PC and the internet and you can get all these channels. There is no additional hardware required like other similar products and the TV channels are streamed via the internet. Speed and quality rely on your connection so it is easy to watch live football now if you have these.

How is the support?

Support is available 24/7 via the 1800 hotline and via email. Response time varies between 24-48 hours for emailed questions. Support staff is friendly and competent. Response is very timely from personal experience. Watch live tv on pc has adequate support for clients.

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