Free your Time from Chores!

In this time of the credit crunch, you might think that money is in shorter supply than time, but is it? Sadly its a fact we’ve all come to terms with that you can find yourself using an awful lot of time doing things that aren’t going to be greatly helpful in the long term. Whilst you could be making plans for greater things, the chores and housework take up too much time to allow you to concentrate on that.

One of the many ways in which you can waste huge amounts of time is on computers; this is contradictory, since they were created to save time. However most people long ago realised that an awful lot of time can be spent on irritating tasks such as saving, moving and renaming files and folders. If you can get dump some of these tasks, you can instead work on your next business idea, spend more time with your friends and family or simply enjoy your hobbies.

An example of a time chewing task is when you have to rename files, especially if you have a big music, photo or video collection. Although completely removing this task is impossible, you certainly can change the way you do it so that it takes you only minutes instead of hours. A problem here is that it can be difficult to find a batch file renaming program with great ease of use since a large amount are tricky to use. So what to do you need to look out for?

Its important to be able to carry out your renaming jobs swifly and easily with any software to batch rename files. But you must also look for extended functionality, like the ability to add increasing and decreasing numbers and dates, if you want to maximise your investment. A useful ability is to be able to change or clone the created, modified and last accessed dates of files; if you are restoring files from backup, this is especially useful. Bizarrely you’ll see that all of the files were created after they were modified; only a file renamer can copy the modified dates over to the created ones easily!

And a preview option is highly recommended – you don’t want to make a mistake when renaming 1,000 files and find the mistake all over your computer! And a really important part of any file renamer software is the facility to alter either file and folder names, file extensions, or all at the same time. An even better solution would be one which renames thousands of files in thousands of folders at once!

So remember to look not just for ease of use in software to rename multiple files, but extensive functionality that will help you cut hours of chores into minutes, and use the free time you’re left with for maximum effect.

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