Flying a Cessna Online

The Cessna 172 Simulator is a game that replicates the experience you will have if you fly the Cessna 172 plane. Since this Cessna flight simulator uses the same controls, the same speed, and the same sound as that of an actual Cessna airplane, you will feel like you are flying the real thing.. This simulation actually creates the same experience you would have when you fly a plane. The Cessna was first introduced in the 1950s. A lot of trainee pilots want to learn how to fly a small plane first rather than going onto bigger and better things i.e. huge commercial planes such as the Airbus A320 and Boeing 747.  

Cessna 172 flight simulators games have really developed much in the past thirty years. The first flight simulator game was Bruce Artwick’s Sublogic Simulation and it ran on an 8 bit computer – this game ran pretty slow but it was a sign of great things to come. At present, there are many high tech flight simulator games which can make you feel like you are flying a real aircraft. Then again, only Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X and Flight Pro Sim receive top recommendations. A lot of time and money have been spent in researching and developing these games. Out of all the simulation games available,  flight simulation games are gaining the most popularity and if you look at the 100 most popular games of all time, you will see that Flight Simulator X and Flight Pro Sim are right up there.      

The Flight Pro Sim lets you choose among 80 various planes to fly but I for myself like the Cessna 172 simulator over the others. Learning how to fly a small Cessna plane and perfecting every aspect of the flight are matters which are of interest to me. It really depends on what your interests are for playing a flight simulation game – many people play flight simulator games just for pleasure and leisure while others try their hand with flight simulators because they like to learn how to fly. Mine is the latter reason. Such may be regarded as a futile hope but I definitely want to be able to fly a real plane over the night skies some day.

The Cessna 172 simulator is included in many flight simulator games while in others, it is only presented as an add-on. Before you purchase any flight simulator game, examine what is available in the basic version and then take a look at what sort of planes you will need to add on so that you can get the full experience. You should get a hold of the Flight Pro Sim if you want a flight simulator game that includes the Cessna 172 simulator in its basic package.

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