Finding a Good Stock Tracking Software

Many people find that stock tracking software is the perfect answer for their needs. But others find it hard to decide between a software program that stands alone and one that is on a website. Often websites for tracking stock are overlooked because many are confusing and hard to follow. There are, however, some that really do manage to combine the best aspects of a stand alone program and the convenience of a website. is one such website that is the best of both worlds and can really help you manage your stock portfolio., on the surface, looks like any other financial website. There are current articles on finances and the hottest stocks on the market. But it is also different because it allows you to customize your stock information. It also allows you to keep track of mutual funds, hedge funds and other investments. Even the stock ticker on the main page that continuously updates is customizable.

With traditional stock tracking software you have to input your stocks and investments. Those software programs are very good but none come with up to date articles on specific companies. You have to do that research for yourself. This website and membership is chock full of advice, columns and specific advice on different companies finances. That is definitely a plus size advantage over competitors. Plus you can get an iPhone application that allows you to keep up with the stock market when you are away from your computer. How many other software programs give you that flexibility? has a variety of options available for you when it comes to purchasing a membership. The monthly fee is .95 but you can also sign up for a three year premium membership for 9.00 which is a great deal and really does save you money. Plus you have fourteen days to make a decision on whether or not the website works for you. If you find it is not working well for your needs then simply cancel the membership.

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