Error Fix Review – What Does It Really Do?

It may seem at first glance like Error Fix is yet another registry cleaner, but there are some big differences in the power and features included with this one. All registry cleaners scan your computer system and pick up on basic errors, but this program has much more to offer.


It is true that errors occur in the registry over time as software and other programs are added and deleted from the computer. A good registry program will correct those errors, but Error Fix does much more. It also cleans up the registry by dealing with three other types of files.


Out-of-Date Files: Information goes out of date with time, causing big problems for your computer. This program has the most up-to-date information and can bring your system up to speed fast.


Repetitive Files: some files may also get put into the registry more than once, which slows down the process of scanning through the system when the computer has to make decisions or carry out actions. Error Fix will find the repetitive files and delete the excess.


Junk: There is a lot of junk that simply is not needed in your system. When this extra information is taken out, there is less for your computer to process through when performing a function or booting up and down. This program is your trained eye to determine what you really need and what needs to be tossed.


This program will scan through your computer and spot all of these different types of problems in just a couple minutes. Then, how you go about cleaning things up and fixing the problems is up to you.


The best feature of this program is that it can be set to automatically fix any problems it finds, without you having to worry about the details. If you want to know what is being done, you can also set to look them over and manually decide what to do with each one on the list.


Yes, there are some other products currently being sold that offer similar clean up functions, but we found this one to be far superior because it includes a wide variety of extra features that make it more powerful. It can do the same job as all the other products, plus a lot more.


Two of the extra features are a top notch defragger and a memory tweaker, which do not come with most basic registry cleaners.


Error Fix is far superior to most other products currently selling in this market because it does what all the others do, plus throws in extra features. They even give a free scan which will tell you in just a couple minutes how many problems are currently slowing down your system. There is no obligation to go beyond the free scan.


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