Easy and affordable ERP for small businesses

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You might have heard of SAP systems. It’s a software package deployed by the majority of medium sized and major corporations all over the world. The prime use of the platform is to connect the entire enterprise together and let hundreds and often thousands of employees to store, share and view information about the physical and financial activities of the enterprise. Significant firms are managed by intelligent individuals who know the strategic benefits of this type of software, such as how it can give them an understanding of why problems are happening inside their firm or where there might be opportunity for refinements.

This category of platform is often known as ERP. It is very complicated, very costly and can take months and often years to implement. A deployment of ERP software is a significant investment but this doesn’t prevent substantial organisations investing in these applications.

Until recently software like this was not within reach or affordable for small organisations. As a result small organisations have not been aware of the substantial benefits that ERP systems can offer. Small businesses have been misled by predatory software like Sage Software and Intuit that small business accounting software is the answer. These systems most often have no features to permit their users to connect the whole firm or perform basic tasks such as customer relationship management.

The success of Web based CRM software from vendors like Salesforce.com is a damning testimony of the small business accounting software enterprises misleading or misunderstanding the small business community.

It is for this reason that small business ERP firms like Salesorder.com have begun to make great progress in the market. They sell on demand software which includes all of the key functionality a small company requires at very low cost. What is even more fascinating is these platforms are simple to use and can be rolled out rapidly.

Now ERP applications are no longer the privilege of big businesses.

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