Dugi’s Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide – a Review

It’s unusual when a World of Warcraft guide focuses on more than a single facet. The majority of guides single out things such as speed leveling, gold, player vs player (PvP), or leveling up professions. The Ultimate WoW Guide covers all aspects of WoW in one extensive bundle. There’s no other guide that currently comes close to the same breadth of content. This guide is constantly updated so the information is always current.

Dugi’s Ultimate WoW Guide is made up of 3 main sections. Power leveling your Horde or Alliance character to 80 is the core of the first section. The guide uses an in-game guide that makes leveling amazingly fast and easy. Switching back and forth from the game to a leveling guide has always been a real pain. After using new in-game guides like this one I’ll never go back, and neither will you.

You’ll need to install the in-game add-on to your WoW folder (it’s easy, don’t worry), so that it can adapt itself to your character. After that you’ll be all set to use the guide to find out exactly what to do and where you need to go. Getting around is really easy with the guide’s pointer on screen pointing out where to go next. Locations are also all shown with small markers on the map (main and mini). It’s incredibly intuitive and doesn’t get in the way at all.

Class centered quests are also included as part of the in-game leveling guide. You really need to have good gear for leveling your character, so a complete gear guide is included as well. An awesome item that only Dugi’s Ultimate WoW Guide currently has is an in-game Talent Spec Guide. There are pre-made templates that you choose that will ensure you’re using the most efficient leveling leveling build for your chosen character.

How to make massive amounts of gold is the focus of the 2nd part of the guide. Trying to make gold when you’re leveling to 80 is not actually necessary and will just slow your leveling progress. To make a goodly amount of gold you really do need to be level 70+, which is precisely what this gold guide is geared toward. Mounts are typically the sole reason for making gold for lower level characters and that’s only to improve leveling speed. You will be taught the very best auction house tricks, where to find high demand items, and profitable routes for dailies. It makes it simple to farm over five hundred gold per hour, which is amazingly fast. Professions are an integral part of gold making and a professions guide is provided to show you how to bump up your skills quickly and cheaply.

Finally, the third part of the guide is all about player versus player. PvP is one of the things I like most about this game. No matter which class you are up against, this guide shows you how to walk away a winner. You will get a list of mods and macros that will make PvP even easier to master, and a guide for selecting the best PvP talents.

No other guide comes close to providing as much valuable material as the Ultimate WoW Guide. It sounds cliche, but you will not need anything more after getting this guide. Dugi’s guides are each top flight guides individually, and taken together they represent an awesome value. Dugi’s Ultimate WoW Guide gets the nod.

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