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Faster than any email and a lot more discreet than a phone, MSN messenger is a great Internet capability provided by Microsoft to encourage free instantaneous communication. You can download MSN in the latest version, customize the features to be easily recognized in chats and even contact mobile phone users via messages.

download messenger msn

Here are some of the characteristics you’ll get immediate access to after you download MSN messenger. You can have group conversations with up to twenty people via this MSN service. The status bar will indicate who is or isn’t available to talk. The information about the personal contacts is right within reach with the user’s possibility to access the link in the adjacent box of every contact.

Once you download MSN, you can access the chat feature on the mobile too, thus, you will be able to communicate just as fast with such a device as you would with another computer. There are nevertheless limitations to this feature depending on the region, the kind of mobile device and the cell service provider. In addition, voice clips are also available for this feature, and instead of typing messages you’ll be able to convey them orally.

download msn massenger

MSN messenger services allow one to save conversations, parts of conversions or just ideas in order to access and use them later on. Mention must be made that together with this download MSN variant, you have to use Internet Explorer 6 as a browser. Furthermore, you can arrange the standard display window so as to get access to all sorts of relevant tabs; thus, you can access regional and national news tabs, MSN money guides, shopping guides and plenty of others.

You can download MSN messenger only if you have a Pentium PC with a processor faster than 233MHz. The optimal computer feature here would be to have a 500MHz processor. Then, the program requires 50MB of storage space for installation and some additional 15MB for the operation. Certain features in the download MSN variant could be cataloged as adware, therefore you should keep an eye on the computer protection warnings during the installation.

download msn

The reasons for this inconvenience result from the fact that MSN messenger tries to change the homepage of the web browser, the default search engine in addition to creating shortcuts to all sorts of components. The help section of the program could help you deal with such problems.

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