Do You Need Spyware Protection?

Most individuals on the internet do not realize they have spyware on their computer. Many think, viruses are more to agonize about.  Everyone has heard about viruses because they are so wide spread and spoke of so often in the news. These days, spyware blockers are phenomenal and can prevent infections from ever getting installed onto your computer.

One of the best ways to prevent malicious software from being installed on your computer is to have the proper defense. You should learn how to be familiar with malicious content and the proper form of prevention. Don’t be disheartened by spyware, adware, and malware. It can be removed!!!

It’s usually easier to recognize a spyware infection from a virus infection. Many times viruses go unnoticed.  Spyware is easily detected by spyware blockers and by the effects the spyware will have on your computer. Not always, but a lot of the time spyware will team up with adware. These adware programs will show you unwanted ads and attempt to get you to click on these ads. Once clicked, it will redirect you to a malicious website in hope of infecting your computer more or stealing your information.

Here are some common questions regarding whether or not you have spyware software on your computer:

Q: There is an increased number of in pop-up advertisements such as text ads, picture ads, and sometimes adult advertisements.  Do I have spyware on my computer and can I remove it?

A: Yes – More often than not the signs mentioned in this question relate to spyware tied in with adware.Spyware and it’s cousin, adware, can be quickly and safely removed with Spyware Doctor, one of today’s leading spyware blockers.  Spyware Doctor can also prevent spyware from getting installed on your computer in the future.

Q: My browsers home page defaults have been changed, why?

A: Sometimes spyware will change your browser settings.  It does this so that the main “home” page is the malicious software’s site. This “malicious” site can then in turn cause more undesirable programs to be downloaded onto your computer.  It can allow for attacks against your computer without you even knowing these attacks are taking place.It’s very likely that you have spyware on your computer.

Did you know you can get a free scan using PCTools Spyware Doctor?

Q: I’ve noticed in recent times when I try to go to one of my favorite websites I have problems. I get redirected to a website I’m not familiar with.I thought the site I’ve been going to had been taken down but I’m not sure that’s the case.

A: This is a sure sign you’ve been affected by spyware and it’s one of the aged tricks in the book.  Site redirection by spyware has been around for years, it was one of the first methods employed by spyware programs to steal and spy on your activities.  Don’t enter any information into this website you’ve been redirected to.  The information you enter could be stolen and used against you.

Q: Ok, I know I have spyware now what do I do?  Can I get rid of it?

A: Yes! Most people do not realize that spyware is different than a virus. Spyware has different signatures and are made up a little different than a virus.  What this means is that a virus is written to spread to other computers or open a backdoor into yours.These are aspects that anti-virus programs look for.  Just like a virus, spyware will have signatures too.

Leading spyware blocker manufactures, such as PCTools, keep on top of these signatures and update their anti spy ware programs accordingly.

What does this mean for you?

It means you get the same industry level protection from a spyware blocker manufacture, as you get from industry leading anti-virus manufactures.  Spyware blockers, such as Spyware Doctor, can not only get rid of spyware spyware that is already on your computer but block new spyware from ever being installed.

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