Do you Know the Three Signs you Might have Registry Troubles?

If you ask the average PC user what the Windows registry is they don’t have any idea.Possibly they think, hmmm has Microsoft started a gift registry service now? Of course not, the Windows registry is actually the central information holder of your computer for all software and you operating system.

What does this registry mean to you?

Many computer crashes, freezing, and slow boot up time can be caused due to errors and old information in your registry files. In this article I’m going to cover three warning signs that it’s time to consider a registry cleaner to scan, repair, and remove any data in your Windows registry that could be causing problems.

One: Slow Boot Up

Does your PC take ten or fifteen minutes to start up?If this is the case then you may need to modify the contents of your start up folder, or possibly one of the programs is having issues that attempts to start up with Windows.

These problems could very well be registry related.If you feel it takes to long for your computer to boot up then I suggest you take a moment to read this review of Registry Easy and download their free scan tool.

Two: Frequent Freezing or Crashing

If you’re having difficulty with frequent freezing of your computer or crashes this could be related to errors or out dated information in the Windows registry.

When ever a new piece of software is installed if generally makes a modification to the registry files.If some how one of the registry keys or values for that particular program was modified or worse deleted that could cause the program to freeze and crash when used.

If you’re experiencing this then I suggest you to run a free registry cleaner scan tool on your computer.

Three: Slow Running

Does it feel like an hour for you to do anything on your PC? Not just booting up, but double clicking and opening a program, switching between windows, or delays in your typing.Slow reaction time in Windows can be related to the registry and several other system faults.

I’m not suggesting that the only reason for slow response time in Windows is registry errors, there are other issues that can arise. How ever since you can scan your entire registry for free with a tool like the Registry easy trial, why not test that first.

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