Do you have the Trojan Vundo virus

This Vundo virus is known as an adware program and is mistakingly installed on unsuspectin PC's. As soon as it's installed you will notice wired computer behaviour like pop-ups and re-directs. Most types of infection happen when someone visits a link in a spam e-mail or site and they install a video codec or player. Most people know they are infected with the Trojan vundo because their security software tells them.exe and %ProgramFiles%system32vundo.dll.

If your infected the first step should be to consult your antivirus software website and get support if it can not remove Vundo. If you don’t have anti-virus protection, or your current package is unable to do the job, you might try checking out this trojan vundo website.  We also found a page on this website called how to remove trojan vundo that you should find useful.It's a dedicated Trojan Vundo removal site that does have some very good advice and they recommend solutions that are good.

A great option for many is to use an online scanner or service. These services typically will scan your computer on-line, then advise you of issues and repair them if you desire. Be very aware however because like most things there is a catch. Some of them aren’t legit. This software hunckers down and further infects your computer. Always be diligent and do your homework before allowing an outside source to have remote access to your computer. One website you might consider using is this remote computer repair site. This is one of a few remote computer repair companies that is very well known and will be able to resolve your Vundo infection in no time.

Manually removal can be very hard and not for the faint of heart. It requires you to alter your registry settings, remove a handful of files, then put your registry back to the way it was before you began. While for the normal computer user this is not a good option it is for computer savvy people and can even be fun if your like me. Because of the limitations of this space instructions for manual removal are not included here, but do a web search for "manual removal trojan vundo". You'll find the information within the first few results.

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