Decisionbar Aids Me In My Everyday Trading Decisions

Every market investor at one time or another tries to find what brand of stock software is the right one for you. It is a very important decision for a few reasons. You can pick from a whole host of options, from Telechart to decision bar. Some can be a great help to your trading, some are crap and do more harm than good. Every type of stock software charges a fee, but only some of them “cost” you money. Picking the right software program for you can make the difference between making money or losing your shirt.

The reason I’m “here” really though is to talk about one brand in particular, decision bar. Decision Bar Trader is my favorite method of trading, and I have used it personally. Decision Bar was created by a real trader Les Schwartz who many of the the so called guru’s call on for help. Les created a system that is so easy to use, and for its ease it is amazingly simple for even beginner investors and the computer illiterate. Even if you are a beginner, it will take you only a couple of hours to master it.

You can learn the system in minutes, and the methodology is a snap. You can actually be up and trading the same day you receive his package. Les offers a 30 day FREE trial. The only thing you can’t get back is the postage. DecisionBar is applicable for everything from options to commodities. As mentioned above Decision Bar is applicable for all time frames as well as option traders.

Decision Bar does require you to have live data feed if you are day trading. I highly recommend that you use a live data feed even if you are not a day trader. There are a lot of live up to the minute options that are included in the free trial program. Decision Bar does require some thinking on your part. This is not a black box. Your decision to take a trade or not trade is made easy once you understand the system.

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