Custom Membership System

A Membership Database System allows its users to efficiently track and run reports on members of their organization. Users are able to co-ordinate events, communicate with members, manage registration and automate their organizations renewal and payment process.

Membership Databases typically allow the specification of different member accounts or organization branches. These accounts may differ in payment or communication options and levels of access. The main strength in a  Membership System is the ability to streamline the member application process and automate the renewal and payment processes freeing up organizations resources for other projects.


Membership Database Systems normally include features that enable the printing or creation of member cards and the viewing or editing of membership contact details and statuses. The additional ability to add and organize events  makes a Membership System central to organising and maintaining the membership of your organization. By integrating features such as system or member-wide reminders and the capacity to organize training events and view training history, the membership database proves to be efficient at streamlining tasks.


The integration of an Invoicing System into the Membership System is another helpful feature. This is what allows invoices to be generated and sent to members for new applications and renewals. It is this invoicing system that can be set up to be automated, and send out renewal notices with attached invoices to all members that need renewal.
A lot of organizations find being able to view member transaction records is a great benefit for them. A good system will not only deal with payments and invoicing, but will also keep track of all transaction history for any future member queries.


Being able to send bulk reminders and emails to a large group of members at a time is very important if you wish to streamline communication with your members. Personalized messages can be sent to members, based on a template, via e-mail and mail merge. This sort of automates a lot of the routine communication.
All messages sent by the Membership Database should be held in some form of communication log. These logs should also contain a data entry option so phone calls and other mediums of communication can be tracked. Organizations are able to keep records of communication with members that will let them know which member has been contacted, when the contact happened and what they were contacted about. This makes a communications log invaluable.

Custom Membership Database Development

Software needs vary from organization to organization greatly and while one organization might need all the features mentioned above, others may only need a few.
Most of the off the shelf packages will contain a majority of the popular features and will serve a large amount of organizations. However, there is occasionally an off the shelf package that wont deliver the features that your organization requires. Sometimes it is not possible or very expensive to customize an existing product. It is occasions such as this, where Custom Software Development really shines. An organization can specify its exact requirements and get software made to suit. Changes to a custom made system is also more cost effective if you need any changes in the future.

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