Clean Up Your Registry File With Reg Defense


The latest version of Reg Defense is the top registry cleaner used by computer experts. The design of the program is very easy to use and you do not need any technical know how to clean your registry file. The technology used in Reg Defense is patented and one of the most powerful currently available.


If your computer frequently freezes, you have a lot of corrupt files, Windows is slow to start up, your computer is slow when running, you have difficulties shutting down, receive many Dll error messages, your system crashed a lot and you have problems opening or running certain programs then you have a problem with your registry file.


The registry file is like a log file that contains all of your operating system preferences, keys and other information that allows your operating system to run properly. When a file becomes corrupt or malware infects your registry file then dangerous system errors can occur.


To manually clean up your registry file you need to be a computer expert and even some experts would much rather use a program as cleaning the registry file manually is time consuming.


Reg defense is an excellent piece of software has it is compatible with 32 and 64 bit systems, has its own startup manager, can automatically schedule scan, can tweak your system manager, will fix invalid shortcuts, fix invalid class keys, fix invalid font files, has a registry optimizer, has restore and backup tools, can perform in depth scans, can be licensed for many computers, and can fix invalid file paths and registry keys.


Additional features include a scan result manager, the ability to customize settings, increase your computer life, increase performance, fix user settings, manage Shared Dll’s, increase disc space, automatically or manually fix problems, validate active-X and startup programs, and has a visual scan process. This software is compatible with XP and Vista systems.


Reg defense offers a complete registry file cleanup and repair. It not only takes care of all problems but it does it in an efficient manner. You will immediately notice the affects Reg defense has on your computer as it is running faster and you can run all of your programs.

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