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I have been into playing computer and online games since childhood. Actually, I was able to win the local level sponsored games since I was very good at it. I even reached the point that I have represented the state of Florida in a national competition for one of the known popular computer games. But my parents told me that I will not make any money from playing games. Either I get a job after graduating from junior high or pursue a medical course in college were the choices I can choose from. By the way, I grew up in a family of doctors and nurses. My family’s job orientation runs in the medical field alone. Blender Tutorials

I was confident enough that I can study computer programming, animation, and even graphic software on my own since I have knowledge about computers, different softwares, and the internet. Sad to say at my age, I have never been interested in reading articles or books online. I would much rather watch 3D video tutorials in order for me to better understand what to do. One of my classmates, also a gamer like me, has introduced me to CGTube. net. He said that he was able to learn a lot about Maya, Photoshop, and other softwares by simply watching the free video tutorials from the website.

If there is one person that can be very hard to please when it comes to anything about graphics and animation, it is a gamer. We have a way of knowing whether a webmaster knows graphic design or not. When I checked, I admit that whoever is managing the site definitely knows a lot regarding animation and graphics. Since the free video tutorials are easy and simple to follow, there is no doubt that even a person with no background on animation would understand them. I was really inspired as I check the sample videos. I was moved by the thought of making these awesome 3D animation and  graphics since others can make them. Maya Tutorials

After several weeks of learning and studying Maya, Photoshop and other 3D software from the free video tutorials at CGTube. net, I was able to create a simple game. When I presented it to my parents, they have realized that I am now good at something and felt proud about my accomplishment. Thanks to CGTube, I was able to prove to my family that there is a career in computer gaming. 3d Video Tutorials

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