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Any business today can benefit from been online
especially during the downturn, but many are deterred from
getting online by the cost of professional help or the time
needed for self-build tutorials. Now, with the UK launch of 90
Second Website Builder, individuals and small companies can create a complete,create a complete, custom designed website in no time at all.

This smart software allows you to drag and drop and so takes the
complexity out of creating and uploading sites, so that even the
most techno-unsavvy customers can get connected in record time,
for a credit-crunching cost of just £47.

MD Ken Smaile says: “Unlike most website packages, you don’t
need to know anything about network protocols, programming
language or imaging software to produce a professional looking
site. Even if you’re an absolute beginner, with 90 Second
Website Builder you can create a website that will promote your
company – without taking costly time out from your core
business. all you do is add your own text and any images before
publishing with one easy click.”

Traditional HTML editors use dynamic page layout, which means
that the first object placed on the page will then determine the
position of all subsequent items. The website building softare allows
users to simply point and click to pick up content and drag it
onto the web page, allowing complete control over the web site’s look
and layout.

But the package can do much more than that. Users can also add
banners, navigation bars and ready-to-use javascripts, whilst
doing e-commerce online is a snip with the software’s built in
shopping cart system.

And it’s not just businesses trying to ride out the recession
that will benefit from the 90 Second Website Builder: the
Twitter effect’ has created a new generation of new web builders
designers looking for ways to practice their web wizardry.

An online members area includes step-by-step videos showing how
with step by step instructions to setup your new website, also marketing help, including
e-books on how to drive traffic to their new website, ideal for
anyone looking to net results with limited time and budget.

Ken Smaile concludes: “Everyone from kids building their own
social networking page to businesses whose success depends on a
strong site will love our hands on approach with support. We also provide
a selection of editable templates so people can get started
straight away without needing any web skills or extra software.”

So if your looking to get your first website builder then you
have found it in Website Builder

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