Benefits of a “Self Service” Customer Portal for your Field Service Business

Customer portals are a great tool to increase your Customer satisfaction, grow your business, reduce costs, and increase profits. Sound too good to be true…? Well, it’s not! With today’s user friendly Web-based technology, creating Customer portals has almost become a necessity for businesses big and small.

Bella Field Service Software provides east-to-use Web-based Customer portal access.

Most likely, your Customers provide your only source of revenue. Offering “self-service” or “self-support” 24 hours a day, seven days a week is invaluable. According to a recent Forrester report self-service results in a 97% savings per customer interaction for your business. Also, the convenience and time savings create a win-win for your business and your customers.

Customer portals can be used in many ways. Some examples for your Field Service business are:

  • New Service Request
  • View Status of Open Service Requests
  • View History of Service Requests
  • Customer Support Questions
  • Billing/Accounting Questions

Bella’s Customer portal also provides the option to set different access levels for each Customer.From “view only” access to “full access” to view open time slots on your company calendar and scheduling an appointment.

Field Service organizations are increasingly looking at web based software solutions. With Bella Solutions, field service organizations can increase worker productivity and reduce costs by remotely dispatching the closest available field technician to the job. Field Technicians and Sales Reps no longer have to visit the office or warehouse or drive inefficient service routes. In addition, Bella connects the field technician and sales rep to customer data, service details, and key information. As a result, jobs are completed faster, more jobs are resolved on the first visit, and job status tracking is improved, all of which enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase profits.

To learn more about how Customer portals will increase your Customer satisfaction levels, grow your business, and increase profits visit Bella Solutions~To learn how Customer portals will increase your Customer satisfaction levels, grow your business, and increase profits visit Bella Field Service Software

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