Bella Solutions Announces 4.2 Release of Web Based Field Service Software – “SaaS”

Bella Field Service Software Overview

Version 4.2 provides customization and customer portal access greatly enhancing usability across all Field Service Industries. Clients experience increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and increased profitability.


Reston, Virginia, April 28th 2009 – Bella Solutions, a leading provider of web based Field Service software launches version 4.2. This release provides customization for Field Service companies to easily integrate the software into their current business process eliminating the need to change the way they do business. Field technicians no longer have to physically visit the office or warehouse or drive inefficient service routes. Bella connects field technicians and sales reps to customer and other key data in real time. As a result, jobs are completed faster, more jobs are resolved on the first visit, and job tracking is improved, all of which enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase profits.


In addition, a robust Customer Portal feature was added giving Bella clients the ability to greatly improve customer satisfaction by the use of online service requests and updates. Client’s customers are provided real time access to check Job status and history and provide feedback. Field Service organizations are able to reduce costs by automating this process and increase sales by maximizing technician’s time in the field. View more information at Bella Field Service Software


Scheduling and dispatching field service and sales resources are challenges for service organizations. Many organizations rely on paper-based and telephone-based processes to link field service workers with the office. Traditionally, field resources have been required to physically visit an office or call office staff on the phone to receive dispatch instructions, which is costly and takes time that could be better spent servicing customers. At the customer sites workers often did not have immediate access to the information required to complete the service call on the initial visit. In addition, once a service call was completed, the need for completed forms and other documents delayed the closing of the service order, which in turn delayed billing and reduced customer satisfaction. Bella’s web based technology enable’s field service organizations to automate their schedules and dispatch processes, thereby reducing office costs and increasing technician and sales productivity.

John Linn, President and CEO of Bella Solutions said, “We work closely with our Client base which provides invaluable real world requirements. Merging these requirements with our flexible technology allows us to provide the best possible solution for the Field Service Industry.”


About Bella Solutions:

Bella develops and markets a web based software application or SaaS (Software as a Service) for Field Service companies such as Cleaning Services, IT Services, Contractors, HVAC, and many more. Essentially, the software solution can be utilized in any industry that manages field sales and technicians or remote resources. Bella provides the ability to streamline business operations by providing CRM, Service Job Management, Scheduling Tools, Equipment Tracking, Employee and Vendor Management, Reporting, Accounting, and Inventory Management all from one application accessed from any computer, laptop, and PDA connected to the internet.


For additional information visit Bella Field Service Software

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