Aspiring Freelance Animators Learning From Great MAYA Tutorials

In a time when finding a job is hard because of the global financial crisis, it is up to us to learn new skills that will enable us to find work even on a temporary basis. My debt obligations lead me to a search for other income sources such as freelancing jobs. Although I am already accepting writing projects, I know that this is not enough to help me make ends meet. Even if it requires me to learn and use softwares such as MAYA and Photoshop, I accepted graphic design projects to boost my income. Photoshop Video Tutorials

I relied on the internet for any books and articles that will supply me any information on how to use the MAYA and Photoshop since I do not have any money to spend on certificate courses. Despite how many times I read books and articles, I cannot picture anything out since I have nothing to watch how it is being done. I have finally admitted that the exact methods and procedures on how to use the tabs and functions of the programs can only be shown to me via video tutorials. Fortunately, I have come across with, which is one of the popular social networking sites. I found out that’s video tutorials were used by my cousin’s friend to learn more on Photoshop and other similar softwares. Maya Tutorials

At first, CGTube. net can be daunting. It is a good thing that the site has a forum where you can easily ask people about topics that are related to animation and other computer programs that are aimed at graphics and design. I was able to  find the MAYA tutorials. There are also several sample videos created by various people. The things I have seen indeed inspired me so much. I know that I can create simple graphics and animation with the help of even if I lack formal training.

I received all the needed help through the MAYA tutorials offered in the site. Right now, some of my friends and new acquaintances already hired me to create graphics and animation for their websites and online marketing campaigns. My new skills in animation and graphics software have boosted my monthly income now. Xsi Tutorials

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