Are You In Need Of A PDF Password Finder?

If you find yourself puzzling over a pdf file that steadfastly refuses to open despite you trying every possible permutation of password, the you may well be in need of a PDF password finder. You probably didn’t need my help to realise that though!

The success of the Adobe Acrobat file format means that this is a problem that occurs more and more frequently. In fact, if it has happened to you once, then chances are that it will happen again unless you take precautionary steps.

The first and most obvious measure is to be scrupulous about recording a central list of all the passwords that the various pdf files you use require. This obviously presents its own security concern as this file will certainly require a password. My personal approach to this is to disguise this file with an innocuous file name. Something like, Cleaning Rota, should keep all but the most inquisitive out! If you aren’t concerned about unauthorised to your own computer then simply the rename the pdf file incorporating the password in the title.

If you are still cursing at the computer and missing that password then the simplest solution is to ask the sender of the file to send the password again. If you are supposed to be looking at what is in the file then this won’t be too much of a problem.

If this doesn’t yield results then I’d imagine your next action would be to have a go at trying to guess what it might be. If you have some credible options because you are familiar with the person that sent the file through, then all well and good. If you are just going for broke and hammering in combinations then be warned. A four digit combination has ten thousand possibilities, and if your looking for letters as well then you may have to work your way through a staggering half a million wrong combinations first!

The last option is to admit defeat and download a commercial pdf password finder. There are loads of these about and you should get the result that you are looking for. They’re surprisingly cheap, efficient and will save you a lot of hassle and frustration.

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