Are Microsoft trying to take on Adobe?

Always falling ten years behind – Microsoft has recently announced that they are going to develop brand new web design technology to enhance user interactivity to all new levels. At a recent event hosted by a local computer magazine in the UK called, Computer Arts and Microsoft hundreds of people got to try new software that was going to revolutionise the design industry.
The Expression family consist of three programs: Expression Graphic Designer, Expression Interactive Designer and Expression Web Designer. The first application is a bitmap and vector editor, the second is for creating applications and the third and final program is used for creating websites. Apparently, this new design technology is going to be suitable for all mediums of media including mobile phones, laptops and desktops. The design package could be used in any advertising agency or web design agency. Microsoft are aiming to deliver the next generation in creating tools to create the next generation of user experience but how many times have we seen them trying to attempt that? It is not new to hear that Microsoft are trying to capitalise on a market that is already completely saturated. Adobe have the edge on practically all the market and I don’t see them being piped off the top of the post by some shoddy Microsoft software. I think they just have to accept that creating software for the elusive design industry is not their thing at all and just because they create software it does not necessarily mean that anyone will buy it. If you are a professional or part time designer there are only a handful of program’s that you would use and trust. Those are, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Adobe and Dreamweaver – All Adobe brand products. They are by far the leading brand in design software and the reason why they are so good is because everyone knows that the software will work.  If you use a Microsoft piece of software you are always running the risk of having your computer crash, collapse, break down or maybe just explode.
Wish you all the luck in the world Microsoft!

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