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The most vital part of any Windows operating system (OS) is the Windows System Registry. The registry controls literally all of the configuration information for all of the various components throughout your entire personal PC.

Have you ever opened the Device Manager? Each device can have a myriad of configuration setting combinations – and there are a LOT of devices.

Because it is so comprehensive, Microsoft deliberately hides the registry to prevent modification by inexperienced computer operators. Many of the most experienced PC gurus will approach the registry with all the fear and trepidation of diffusing a bomb. One mistake and the computer (figuratively speaking) will blow up,

causing unpredictable, erratic behavior or even ceasing to boot altogether. This usually does not affect the stored data, such like photos and documents, but that offers you little comfort if you can’t get to them.

If you have to perform a complete system restore, all the associations with those documents may need to be rebuilt as you also reinstall the programs that run them.

Because the System Registry is such a minefield, Answer Registry Reviews Online was launched to offer articles, advice and software. When you visit the site, you will quickly notice graphics that link to reviews and product comparisons.

The navigation buttons are large and obvious, which is good because they are not in a location you would expect. Rather than being at the greatest of the page, as is standard, they hover in a line about halfway down the page. Buttons include: Home, Reviews, Articles, and FAQ.

Home, of course, leads you back to the home page so that does nothing if you are already on the home page.

Reviews takes you to partial reviews of 5 of the most popular registry cleaning, optimizing and backup/restore programs for the Windows Registry. To see the full review, simply click where the link says, “Read the full review…” Pretty simple so far, right?

There is also a quick link box at the upper left of the page which offers one-click access to the full review for each of the products. Reviews include Pros and Cons of each product and customer ratings from one to five stars.

Compare offers a comparison of the top three rated registry software products. There isn’t too many to consider here, since they all do pretty much the same thing: clean, fix and backup the registry. The real details to look at are: program size, rating, and (last but not least) price.

Articles presents a number of interesting, well-written and informative articles on the Windows System Registry and compelling reasons for why you might want to keep it clean and running properly.

One of the most amusing of these is an article called, “Top Ten Blue Screens of Death.” It includes pictures of crashed systems, such as a Sony Jumbotron proudly displaying the Microsoft Windows logo thanks to a crash.


the FAQ presents frequently asked questions and answers pertaining to the registry, how it affects the PC and how to maintain it

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