Amazing Free Speed Reading Software: Speed Reading III

Speed Reading III is one of the best free speed reading software that is available and it is in fact a software that has especially been developed to help people read quickly – and for free. This free speed reading software has been developed by Custom Solutions that are based in Maryland and it is software that offers a number of benefits to the reader – besides being free of cost! With the help of Speed Reading III a person can measure his speed of reading and then by applying a number of methods provided by speed reading III he can enhance his speed of reading and of course it makes sure that the reader is able to understand what they are reading- even the fact is that they are reading fast.

Great Features Of Free Speed Reading Software

There are a number of features that you get when you choose to use this free speed reading software. Speed Reading III provides readers with as many as ten different practice texts that are in-built into the software and readers can also adjust the speed which can vary from two hundred words per sixty seconds to as many as one thousand five hundred words in a single minute! You can choose between slow and medium as well as high speeds to suit your reading skills.

The only trouble with using this free speed reading software is that it does not offer you any means of assessing your comprehension levels which means that it is left to the reader to assess how well or poorly they comprehend the text being read. This is something that makers of this free speed reading software should look into because being able to assess comprehension levels would be a welcome feature and perhaps the later versions of Speed Reading might include this feature as well.

In any case, Speed Reading III is an excellent free speed readingsoftware that works by displaying text in the manner of a slideshow and for the average reader the best speed would be two hundred words per minute which should help them comprehend about sixty percent of the text. If you are a good and even excellent reader you could even, thanks to a free speed reading software such as Speed Reading III, improve your reading speed to about thousand words in a minute with about eighty-five percent comprehension as well.

The best speed reading software will be one that works the best for each individual. So, it is hard to pinpoint particular software and in fact you should also realize that the best software need not be computer based because there are excellent book-based software too that can compete with any computer-based software.

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