A Useful Skill: How to Speed Read Books

Speed reading is one of the best skills a person can acquire: it makes life that much easier and can save a person great deal of time. No matter your reading skills, everyone can learn how to speed read books, magazines, newspapers, and things like directions. The key is to know where you stand with your reading and to practice. The following are some tips if you want to learn how to speed read books and want to save yourself a lot of time.

There Should Be Limited Distractions When You Are Going Through How to Speed Read Books

When learning how to speed read books, it is best to stay as focused as possible. In order to exercise or polish your newfound skill, you should practice in a room that has little to no distractions. Thus, the space should be one that has little to nothing on the walls. Additionally, the room should not have a stereo, television, or any other form of entertainment. It is good to remove cell phone or laptop from the room as they can create disturbance.

Focus Only on the Important Words

No matter how important the written piece is, there are bound to be words that you can pass over. This will end up saving you a lot of time when learning how to speed read books and other items. If you highlight only the most essential words in a piece of text, then your brain will soon learn to focus more strongly on things like nouns versus such filler words as conjunctions and articles.

Use Guides

If you want to learn how to speed read books, then you need to keep your eyes and mind focused on the task at hand. One easy way to pick up this skill while practicing is to use your fingers as a guide. This will help you not only focus on the text and on reading but will limit distractions (i.e. you aren’t going to lose your place).

Similarly, one of the most common ways to learn how to speed read books and other items is to keep yourself from reading out loud or rereading items. We all do this, especially if we’re having trouble comprehending a passage. One way to stop yourself from rereading a piece of writing is to cover words once you have read them with such household items as a ruler or even just another sheet of paper. To keep yourself from mouthing the words you read or saying them out loud, try humming while you read. This way you can stop yourself reading loudly and your mind will be concentrated on reading as efficiently as possible. These above techniques are sure to teach you how to speed read books and other items in no time at all.

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