Free Spyware Removal Software – Be Careful!!

If you are having problems on your computer and think it is spyware, be very careful before you download anything. There are many programs out there that will pose as free spyware removal software, but in fact will be vicious malware designed to corrupt your system and cost you money.

Malware Posing As Free Spyware Removal Software

The most common kind of malware poses as free spyware removal software. Many times these programs will claim that they are the best spyware software in the industry when in fact they are quite the opposite. Before you install any kind of free spyware removal software, you should make absolutely sure that it is legitimate.

When malicious programs began showing up in the mid 80s most of them were design to be pranks or vandalism. More recently however these types of program have taken a turn and are now designed and driven to make a profit for their creators. The most costly form of malware to date has been in the spyware category. Whether it is annoying pop ups, programs that hijack your main page, or programs that take control of your search engine this menace has been growing steadily since the inception of the internet.

To combat that, companies like Lavasoft and Symantec have come out with products to find and remove these malicious programs. Unfortunately, both of their products cost money. It is understandable that they are not able to put out free spyware removal software because the cost to maintain and update the spyware databases is very expensive. However, the problem comes in when companies do advertise that they have free spyware removal software when in fact it is nothing but a trap.

The trap goes like this; you download the software onto your system to combat a perceived threat. The software installs, runs a scan and detects a harmful virus or piece of spyware on your computer. It advised you to remove it; however that is not included in the free download, only the detection. In order to remove it you need to pay to have the software removed. You do so, and now the programmers have all your credit card information. They drain your account and wait for the next victim.

So unless you want that to happen to you, make absolutely one hundred percent sure that what you are downloading is truly free spyware removal software. Under no circumstances should you give you credit card information out to a company you know nothing about.