Do I Need Spyware Protection?

In the world of today just about everyone needs spyware protection, so in answer to the question do you need spyware protection; I say it is an affirmative yes. Not all spyware protection softwares are made the same and you have to be careful as some free spyware protection may in fact be more harmful then not having anything on your computer.

What Spyware Protection To Get

It really depends on what you want to invest in your computers safety. For some people, their home machine is a merely a toy for amusement and if they have to reformat it so be it, but for others it is a source of income and must be protected at all costs. More then likely you fall somewhere in between and while your system may not be mission critical, it is nice to have and probably has some important if not irreplaceable things on it.

In situation like the one described above I recommend getting spyware protection that is not only cost effective, but also easy to use and good at eliminating threats to your system. There are some very good spyware protection software manufacturers out there but for the most part they will charge you for using their programs. There is one manufacturer however that offers a stripped down version of the software for free that is usually more then enough for home use. The software is called SUPER AntiSpyware

While the name may sound a little hokey, trust me they make some of the most robust and easy to use anti spyware software in the world. The program is small, simple to install, and best of all is completely free for home use. I have seen their software be able to eradicate spyware that is normally very difficult to remove. Most spyware almost borders on a virus at this point in how they spread and embed themselves in your system, so you need a program that is going to be able to take care of it no questions asked. SUPER AntiSpyware did this for me at a minimal cost.

There are some drawbacks though; the software in its free mode does not have a real time virus scan. For many people this is a huge problem as they will need to have the spyware removed as it comes in and can not risk any down time. If the system is not mission critical for your home though most people can take the time to run a scan every week and be all set.

Well there you have it, some basic guidelines for your spyware protection software.