Getting The Best Spyware Software – A Look At The Top 3

If you are looking to get anti spyware software but are not sure where to start the options can seem limitless. I have been doing IT work for some time now and have found three brands of software that I use in different situations. Depending on what your budget and options are each of these anti spyware software packages will fit different needs.

Three Different Kinds Of Anti Spyware Software

When you are looking to get spyware adware removal software the choices can be endless. I highly recommend selecting one of the three that are outlined below because many anti spyware software out there will pose as being removal tools when in fact they actually spyware themselves. These three anti spyware softwares are recognized as industry leaders and are proven in the removal field.

Ad-Aware – The Industry Leader

This anti spyware software from Lavasoft is the recognized industry leader in anti spyware programs. They have been making software for over 10 years and have a robust program capable of detecting and removing almost any spyware. Their program is easy to use and install and has a robust feature set that is sure to meet and of your needs. The only problem with their software is it costs money. However, if you are in a corporate environment then Ad-Aware is probably your best solution. They get updates very quickly and are very much ahead of the curve.

SUPER Antispyware – User Super Software

When I first took a look at SUPER AntiSpyware I thought it might be one of the fake spyware removal programs I mentioned earlier, but I was presently surprised when after downloading it I realized it was not. This program installs quickly and easily and runs in the background taking up very little resources. When properly updated it catches almost every spyware program out there and is able to remove them with no fuss. It even was able to get rid of some programs that Ad-Aware had difficulty with. The program is free for home use as well which is very enticing to the non business users. The only bad thing about the program is you have to pay for the real time version, so I can not really recommend using this in a business situation. It is however perfect for that home PC.


This program does a decent job of finding and removing spyware, but is probably my least favorite of the three programs. It does do a very good job of keeping the computer intact and has some great ad on programs that come with it. It is however the most difficult of the three to use and is recommend for experienced users only. This program is also free for home use and is a great solution if you are looking for and adaptable program that you can use for other applications as well. I recommend this program for the power user who wants a fast, tweakable, and highly advanced anti spyware software.