Combining Spyware and Adware Protection with Virus Software Into One

There are many programs out there that claim to be the best spyware and adware protection software. While they are all very serviceable, many of them fail to also take into account viruses in addition to spyware and adware protection. To me I think this is ridiculous and if I was a programmer I would be working on software that would combine spyware and adware protection with virus protection

Why The Separation Of Spyware And Adware Protection From Virus Protection Drives Me Nuts

The main reason is because you have to pay for both spyware and adware protection along with your virus software. Spyware software finds and removes threats to your computer, as does virus protection software. I see no reason why one software package can not keep monitor and protect from both threats. Adware, spyware, and viruses all have similar traits in that they come into your system and attempt to take control away from you, the user, for their own ends. In this high tech world it should be reasonable to assume that one program should be able to monitor and take care of all these threats.

I have seen many a spyware and adware protection program and almost as many virus softwares. Why then has no one taken these two and combined them into one program that uses fewer resources, cost less money, and only requires one scan? Perhaps maybe then the people that have been hired and tasked to protect our computers are in fact not working in our best interests but instead trying to make as much money off of these perceived threats as they can. What if in fact on top of that they are also propagating the very thing they seek to eliminate.

Think about it, without spyware or viruses both the spyware and adware protection companies and the virus software companies would be completely out of business. If they ever made a perfect product, then they would not have a market to sell their product into. Now I am not saying that this is the case as there are many people working at these companies that work very hard at what they do, but I am trying to illustrate the point that they truly may not have your best interest at heart.

With that I say choose carefully what programs you install your computer and only support the spyware and adware protectors that are truly working to keep your system safe.