Electricity and basic electronics : the dynamic duo

It is a fact in these modern times that every device,tool ,equipment or gadget that man has created needs electrical energy for power. Everything from mobile phones, kitchen appliances and even electric cars, can not run without electricity. In the same manner, these gadgets are made up of electronic components that work together to make life easier or provide fun for consumers. Indeed, electricity and basic electronics are inseparable. Electronic devices depends on electricity to operate. Certainly, the best model of mobile phone is useless without any power!

Magnetism, electricity and basic electronics

We have learned from science that electrons freely move around atoms all the time. Mainly,electrical charges cause such activity on the electrons. These charges posses their own electric and magnetic fields. Indeed, you would see the crucial role that magnetism plays in electronics. It would be improbable to talk about electricity and basic electronics without magnetism.For example, electricity flows through wires that must have insulation in the form of rubber. Most often, rubber is the choice of insulation material since it can efficiently conserve the energy flowing inside wires. Furthermore,this prevents occurrence of short-circuit that happens when live wires touch one another.

Electronic hobbysits must also realize the importance of electrical fields aside from magnetism.For every electric charge, an electric field surrounds it with a magnetic field counterpart. The naked eye cannot detect any of these fields, but it can surely be measured by some tools.

The importance of wattage in electricity and basic electronics

Another important concept in electricity and basic electronics is about watts. A watt is technically defined as the International System unit of power equal to one joule per second. A very practical sample would be the wattage settings that determines the radio’s loudness or softness. Nevertheless, appliances that have high wattage also consume a lot of electricity. The louder you turn the volume of your radio, the more power it consumes. Hence, having knowledge about watts, electricity and basic electronics can benefit you as a consumer. You may opt to look for more energy efficient appliances so that you can balance power and economy.

Having knowledge of basic electricity principles can expand your understanding how electronic devices work. Whether an individual is a consumer or a hobbyist, knowledge of these principles can provide benefits in practical application.