The Worlds Greatest Free Anti Spyware Protection

I have tried to find a truly free anti spyware protection program that can meet my needs. Now I do not need a halfway done program, I want something that is going to give me both spyware and adware protection. I have searched high and low for this mythical free anti spyware protection software and I thought I would never be to find it.

My Quest For The Best Free Anti Spyware Protection

I tried Ad-Aware from Lavasoft and was severely disappointed. While they offer a robust program, it was most certainly not the free anti spyware protection that I was looking for. The free version did a serviceable job, but expired after 30 days. While it helped me to get my system up and running, I did not want to pay for my protection.

So my search for the best free anti spyware protection continued. In my quest I also tried Spyware Doctor. This program really was a great piece of software, but again I ran into the same problem. While the demo searched and found everything I needed, the advertised free version was just a teaser to get me in the door, again not what I was looking for.

I began to doubt that I was going to find what I needed and I came really close to caving in and purchasing Spyware Doctor. That was when I stumbled on SUPER AntiSpyware by accident. They offer a 100% free home version that while not as feature rich as the other two, was more then able to get the job done. In addition the software came with free virus definition updates for the life of it being installed.

I had finally found what I was looking for a truly free anti spyware protection program that could keep my system safe. The only major drawback that I saw was I could not use it on my work PC, and it did not have real time scanning capabilities. Other then this however it did everything I needed it to do.

So I guess the moral is that regardless of what you may be looking for, it is out there if you look hard enough. If the thing you are looking for happens to be free anti spyware protection then give SUPER AntiSpyware a try, there really is no risk and the benefits could be a spyware free computer for no cost, it worked for me and could work for you.