Seungri’s cancer diagnosis package enterprise prepare resurfaces following 7 many years

Former Massive Bang member Seungri has sparked another controversy by mentioning G-Dragon during his the latest celebration in Cambodia. Amidst the the latest notice, some have drop gentle on Seungri’s previous statement seven decades in the past throughout a Big Bang enthusiast meeting.

Not long ago, an on-line neighborhood put up titled, ‘A further enterprise enterprise Seungri was organizing: Cancer analysis kit‘ has acquired the consideration of netizens. The on the web community put up has now obtained about 90,000 sights and about 566 comments on Theqoo.

The post bundled a online video recorded through the ‘Big Bang Specific Event’ enthusiast assembly held at Seoul’s Gocheok Sky Dome in January 2017. In the video, the users had to guess what enterprise venture Seungri was organizing, and the members couldn’t reply effectively. So, Seungri disclosed that it was a ‘Cancer Prognosis Kit.’

Seungri went on to make clear his plans for the most cancers diagnosis package, stating that common techniques require X-rays and blood checks, which are high priced and time-consuming. He expressed his intention to build a kit that could diagnose most cancers by examining urine, producing the process more available.

As Seungri ongoing to elaborate on his business system for the duration of the enthusiast conference, fellow Large Bang member Daesung advised publishing it on social media first, and G-Dragon cautioned that it was way too dangerous to converse about and should be verified as a result of thorough screening before sharing such info publicly.

Regardless of the warnings, Seungri defended his venture, stating that the product or service would be produced, clinical trials ended up presently accomplished, and the prototype would be accessible for sale in March. He urged followers to look for for data on portal sites, asserting that the supporters need to attempt to use the package them selves.

Netizens who viewed the movie expressed numerous views, with some locating it surprising that these a discussion even took put for the duration of a lover conference. Some drew parallels in between Seungri’s statements and the controversial claims produced by Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos she was dubbed the ‘Silicon Valley’s largest fraud,’ and was convicted in November 2022 for falsely claiming to diagnose numerous conditions with a couple of drops of blood.

They commented, “Why is he conversing about that at a supporter assembly,” “G-Dragon truly had it tricky failed to he,” “It’s far more intriguing that it didn’t lead to a huge controversy again then,” and additional.

Seungri faced controversy in 2019 all through the ‘Burning Sun’ incident. Pursuing the controversy, he left the group and retired from the entertainment industry. Just lately, a movie of Seungri claiming he would convey G-Dragon to Cambodia at an party has also circulated on line, attracting interest the moment again.

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