What Is The Best Spyware Software

There are many different kinds of spyware removal softwares out there, but what is the best spyware software? Well that is going to be different for different people, so depending on your situation it will change what is the best spyware software for your application. Whether you are a home user or a network administrator will drastically affect what best spyware software you go with. For each type, business and home application, there is one software that I would look at if you are in the market for the best spyware software.

Home User Best Spyware Software – SUPER AntiSpyware

For the home user the best spyware software you can get is SUPER AntiSpyware. It is incredibly easy to use, installs quickly with no fuss, and requires only a minimal amount of computer knowledge and attention to keep up and running. The best part is the software is completely free and there is no subscription fee for download any definition updates. I have also found that this software will catch and remove just about any spyware out there. It also is not a total resource hog and should be able to run on just about any computer out there.

The only down side is that it does not have a real time scanner so if you download something malicious it will not pick it up until you run the scan. If you choose you can upgrade to the pay version which does include real time scanning capabilities. The program does however protect your homepage from being hijacked so in certain circumstances you will be aware of a potential threat on your system.

LavaSoft Ad-Aware – The best Spyware Software For Business Applications

The best spyware software I have found for use in an IT environment comes from LavaSoft. They have been the industry leader in spyware removal programs for over 10 years and they continue to do so. There software is easy to install on multiple platforms and keeps itself up to date with very little intervention from the user or administrator. Their software is able to catch just about any spyware out there and they have a team of programmers dedicated to combating this menace. In addition to that, their volume pricing is very fair and getting the software set up on multiple systems is a breeze.

The big drawback is that you have to pay a subscription fee and the program can be a bit hefty in the resource requirement area. However, if you are able to manage it remotely and it is for business uses this will be true of any product you look at.