‘Our green is brown’: the eco-friendly Sahel golf club avoiding the water hazard | Access to water

On the outskirts of Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, there is an unusual golf club with no greenery.

Golf Club Naba Gninbolbo was constructed and conceived in 1975 by the village chief (better known as the “naaba” in the More language) of Balkuy along with a German friend. The

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Chelsea flower show to introduce green medal to award eco-friendly gardens | Chelsea flower show

A green medal for sustainability is to be introduced at the Chelsea flower show, rewarding gardens with the lowest carbon impact.

Landscape designers are reporting that clients are commissioning them to make their gardens more wildlife-rich and eco-friendly, and that nature-friendly gardening is becoming increasingly important.

According to the Office

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Revolutionizing Bioelectronics With Eco-Pleasant Technology

Researchers have developed a system to make adaptive and eco-pleasant sensors that can be straight and imperceptibly printed on to a vast assortment of organic surfaces, whether or not that’s a finger or a flower petal. Credit history: University of Cambridge

Cambridge researchers have produced light-weight, eco-welcoming sensors, influenced by

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Sustainable Seating: 10 Best Eco-Friendly Chairs & Stools To Enhance Your Home Aesthetics

We’ve spent the past 4 years redeeming our careless mistakes of the past and living more consciously and sustainably. We cannot ignore the needs of our planet anymore, we need to consider the environment, and what better way to start doing that than from our own homes? Sustainable chairs and

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