15 Best Motorcycle Gadgets of 2023

Motorcycles are objectively analog machines that have traditionally allowed riders to disconnect from the outside world while in the saddle. And while this has been the case for generations, modern connectivity and smart tech has increasingly permitted every industry and facet of our lives — with the two-wheeled realm being no exception. And as our devices become an increasingly integral part of our lives, motorcycle gadgets are quickly becoming bonafide essentials. Though the sector was practically non-existent only a decade or two ago, there are now dozens and dozens of different pieces of moto-focused tech — the latest and greatest of which we’ll be shining a light on today in this guide to the best motorcycle gadgets for smart and connected riding. 

The Best Motorcycle Gadgets

How We Chose our Best Moto Gadgets

There’s absolutely no shortage of motorcycle gadgets on the market, so in order to narrow down the available options to a best-of list we used several different criteria. For starters, almost all of our picks are electronic in nature, rather than being non-powered mechanical items. Making our selections through this lens, we then set out to generate a list of the best moto gadget product spaces — such as mini air compressors, HUDs, TPMS units, mobile power banks, smart airbag systems, etc — based on each product’s ability to bolster a rider’s safety, connectivity, convenience, or utility. Put simply, each one of these items aims to solve a basic problem commonly faced by riders. After making our selections for these product spaces, we then picked a shortlist of candidates for each group which were then narrowed down to a final best-of pick — taking not only the product’s specs into account, but also the reputation of the manufacturer, overall reviews, and pricing and value.

Battery Tender Quick Disconnect USB Charger Adaptor

Photo: Amazon
Why It Made The Cut
  • A simple and easy-to-install gadget that adds a USB charging port to any motorcycle.

Best Aftermarket USB Port: While most late-model motorcycles — even budget and beginner-friendly models — are equipped with one or more USB ports for juicing up mobile devices, the same can’t be said for vintage specimens (or the vast majority of motorcycles in existence for that matter). This nifty and accessibly-priced little device connects directly to a motorcycle battery’s harness (SAE lead) and affords any bike a USB charging port. The gadget not only allows you to recharge a smartphone or tablet, but can also be used to power a motorcycle GPS unit, action camera, or comm system. And while it doesn’t boast an official ingress protection rating, the charging port does sport a connected removable cover that shields the electrical components within the port. It is, however, worth noting that this product also requires Battery Tender’s SAE Quick Disconnect Harness, though that only costs another $5 or $6. The QD harness also means the USB port can easily be removed, so you don’t have to worry about it getting swiped if your bike is left parked overnight on the street.

Battery Compatibility: 12V
Output: 2.1 AMPs

Helmetlok II

Helmetlok II Helmet Lock
Photo: Amazon
Why It Made The Cut
  • A super simple, second-generation carabiner-style lock made specifically for motorcycle helmets.

Best Helmet Lock: Because they protect your brain, we’d argue that a premium motorcycle helmet is well worth the investment, though after sinking a decent chunk of cash into a top-notch brain bucket, the last thing you want to do is leave it sitting unattended on your bike when you’re away. Enter the Helmetlok II, which is an exceedingly simple and straightforward piece of gear that helps keep your lid from getting swiped. Using a four-digit code, the lock links through a helmet’s D-rings (or ratchet), while full aluminum and zinc-alloy construction help to withstand grinders and hacksaws, as well as the elements. This second-generation version of the locking carabiner is designed to fit around a chassis or subframe and is partially-wrapped in a rubber coating that ensures that protecting your helmet doesn’t come at the cost of scratching your ride. We do feel compelled to point out that, despite it presumably ruining any (resale) value that a helmet has, we, unfortunately, know firsthand from personal experience that these locks won’t stop some thieves from cutting off the portion of the helmet strap that is locked down. It’s nonetheless a far more secure option than merely leaving your helmet on the seat, tank, or a handlebar.

Materials: Rubber, Aluminum, & Zinc Alloy
Lock Type: 4-Pin Combo

Signal Dynamics Backoff XP Brake Light Modulator

Signal Dynamics Backoff XP Brake Light Modulator
Photo: Signal Dynamics
Why It Made The Cut
  • A simple but effective mod that makes taillights flash rather than remain on, thereby getting the attention of drivers much better.

Best Light Modulator: As riders, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to lessen the likelihood of an accident or injury while in the saddle, and while that includes donning appropriate gear and arming yourself with proper training, that also means doing what you can to improve your ability to be seen by other drivers while out on the road. And that’s the idea behind Signal Dynamics’ BackOFF XP Brake Light Modulator. With a bike’s stock brake/taillight running through this module, when the front or rear brake is activated, it will repeatedly flash rather than simply lighting up, making you and your bike far more noticeable. Fully weatherproof and packing solid-state electronics, the BackOFF XP module can operate in one of two modes: either flashing three times and then reverting to the steady stock glow; or a triple flash, following by 3.5 seconds of steady glowing, before repeating over and over again for as long as the brake remains activated. Being rear-ending by a car is one of the most dangerous situations a motorcyclist can face, and because this product mitigates the likelihood of that happening by better grabbing drivers’ attention, we’d say that alone makes this sub-$50 product worth the investment, especially if you don’t live in a region where lane-splitting is legal.

Material: Anodized Aluminum & Heat & Water-Resistant Potting
Number Of Modes: 2
Weight: Under 1lb

Muc-Off Powersports AirTag Holder

Muc Off Powersports AirTag Holder
Photo: Muc-Off
Why It Made The Cut
  • An ultra-rugged polymer & aluminum AirTag case made specifically for tracking motorcycles.

Best Moto Tracker/AirTag Case: Since the product’s release in April of 2021, the Apple AirTag has quickly become popular with motorcyclists as a means of protecting their two-wheeled pride and joy and being offered some form of recourse should their bike get swiped. Unfortunately, AirTags often suffer issues when shoehorned into gaps and cavities in a motorcycle, as the extreme temperatures and vibrations can easily result in the tracker malfunctioning. Enter the Muc-Off Powersports AirTag Holder. Custom-engineered for use on motorcycles and other powersports vehicles, this AirTag holder consists of a rugged two-layer housing comprised of a heat-resistant polymer base structure secured inside a frame and clamp that’s been precision-machined from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum. Designed to be stealthily mounted under a bike’s seat, on the inside of its fairings, or in other discreet locations, Muc-Off’s Powersports AirTag Holder is also sold with security Torx screws, lockable clamp, and four different silicone clamp grip sizes. 

Materials: Polymer & Aluminum
Screws & Clamp: Included

HOTO Electric Air Compressor

HOTO Electric Air Compressor
Photo: HOTO
Why It Made The Cut
  • A tiny mobile air compressor that can fill a moto tire in 3 minutes & inflate 7 tires per charge.

Best Mini Air Compressor: Despite measuring just 3.5” W x 1.75” D x 4.84” H, the HOTO Electric Air Compressor is an incredibly potent mobile tire inflator that can operate at up to 150 psi. Equipped with a built-in digital display and a pressure sensor with an accuracy of +/- 1.5psi, HOTO’s Electric Air Compressor allows users to punch in a desired psi, which a tire is then inflated to before the device’s digitalized pressure measurement system cuts off inflation. Able to fill a motorcycle tire in just three minutes on average, the gadget is powered by a USB-C-rechargeable 2,500-mAh battery that can fill seven motorcycle tires on a single charge —and can receive a full recharge in 3.5 hours. Controlled via a simple rotating knob, this gadget also boasts five operating modes, including dedicated bicycle, car, and motorcycle modes. Outfitted with the ability to show psi or Bar measurement units, this product also sports an integrated LED flashlight, and a slip-proof, shock-absorbing TPU outer case. HOTO also sells this moto gadget with an included storage bag and four nozzle attachments. 

Size: 3.5” x 1.75” x 4.84”
Max PSI: 150
Battery: 2,500 mAh

FOBO Bike 2 Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System

FOBO Bike 2 Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Photo: Amazon
Why It Made The Cut
  • A minimalistic TPMS system that relays heat and air pressure to a dedicated smartphone app.

Best TMPS Unit: The FOBO Bike 2 Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a TPMS gadget that’s designed specifically for motorcycles. Making up this product is a pair of tire pressure sensors that screw onto a bike’s tires’ valve stems. Not much larger than regular valve stem caps, these items feature integrated sensors that monitor a motorcycle’s tires’ pressure and temperature in real-time. This info is then relayed to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth and a dedicated app, where it can send instant audio, haptic, and/or text alerts to a rider’s smartphone, smartwatch, or Bluetooth headset/comm system. What’s more, this system is also remarkably easy to both install and use, as it doesn’t require any drilling or cutting of any kind, and simply requires users to screw the sensors onto their bike’s valve stems, download the app, pair the TPMS unit with their smartphone, and voila, that’s it. 

Included Units: 2
Connectivity: Bluetooth/Smartphone

Antigravity XP-1 Micro-Start Power Supply

Antigravity XP1 Micro Start Power Supply
Photo: Antigravity
Why It Made The Cut
  • A compact, sub-1lb power bank with enough juice to jumpstart any motorcycle engine — or smartphone or laptop — on the planet many times over.

Best Mobile Jump Starter: Motorcycles tend to have pretty small batteries, and while this helps to shave off weight, it can also mean a dead battery when left unused for a few weeks. Leading moto Lithium-ion battery outfit, Antigravity’s solution to this is the Micro-Start XP-1 Power Supply, a compact gadget with enough juice to jump a dead bike battery. Measuring 6.75” x 3.25” x 1” and weighing in at less than a pound, the portable power bank packs a 12,000mAh battery with 400 peak amps. On top of being able to jump a dead motorcycle battery, this device also features a standard 12V port, a 19V port for laptops, and multiple USB ports for charging mobile devices. The device also features a five LED battery level indicator, built-in overcharge protection, and an integrated 110-lumen LED flashlight with multiple light modes. The entire kit includes a set of mini jumper clamps, a variety of universal cables, including Micro-USB and Lightning cords, a wall outlet charger, a (12V) cigarette lighter charger, and an organized carrying case that neatly stores everything and easily fits underneath a seat or in a tail compartment.

Battery Capacity: 12,000 mAh
Peak Current: 400A
Weight: 15.25oz

Motogadget M-Lock RFID Ignition Lock

Motogadget M Lock RFID Ignition Lock
Photo: Motogadget
Why It Made The Cut
  • A keyless ignition system conversion from a German brand specializing in motorcycle gadgets.

Best Keyless Ignition: As the automotive industry has continued to show, keyed ignitions are increasingly becoming a thing of the past, and while this transition has yet to fully take hold in the two-wheeled realm, the moto electronics experts over at Motogadget have jumpstarted the process with its m-Lock RFID Ignition Lock. The product is comprised of a digital RFID-enabled key fob and a small circular receiver. Replacing the standard keyed setup, the unit comes to life when the transponder (within the key fob) is pressed to the receiver (or held within 1.6” of it), which means the receiver can be hidden out of sight, underneath the bodywork. Equipped with tamper-resistant RFID (radio frequency identification) tech, each unit boasts a unique code to maximize security. On top of everything needed to wire the device — including roughly 20” of wiring, a 12V relay, M3 threaded holes for mounting — the set is sold with a single master key fob that cane used to create copies, as well as a secure valley-style key fob. Installation can admittedly be a bit tricky for those who aren’t particularly experienced with wrenching or wiring setup, though it can obviously be professionally installed at your local shop.

Weight: 30 grams
Switching Distance: 5cm
Cable Length: 50cm

ABUS Granit Detecto Smartx 8078

ABUS Granit Detecto Smartx 8078
Photo: Amazon
Why It Made The Cut
  • A smart lock that’s equipped w/ a 100-dB alarm & uses your smartphone as the key.

Best Smart Lock: Motorcycle security is less about making your bike completely impervious to thieves, and more about simply deterring those targeting your bike by presenting an obstacle or security system that makes them move on to an easier two-wheeled victim. Released in the early summer of 2020, one of the latest tools at your disposal in the fight against motorcycle thievery is German security firm ABUS’ all-new Granit Detecto SMARTX 8078 disc lock. Built around hardened steel locking mechanisms and packing a 13.5mm steel bolt, this device clamps down onto a motorcycle’s front brake rotor, preventing the wheel from rolling. What sets this model apart from other disc locks is its hidden tech. Pairing with an app, this bike lock features internal movement sensors that can alert you if your bike is moved. The lock also uses a smartphone to open it, and as a result doesn’t have a keyhole, thereby eliminating a potential weak link in the device’s security. And, on top of informing you through sending an instant push notification, if the lock senses movement while armed, it will blare out a 100dB alarm.

Locking Bolt: Size: 13.5 mm
Bolt Construction: Specially-Hardened Steel
Weight: 990 grams
Alarm Volume: 100dB

Sena 10C EVO

Sena 10C EVO
Photo: Revzilla
Why It Made The Cut
  • A cutting-edge 4K action camera & Bluetooth comm system combo gadget.

Best Comm System & Action Cam: Successor to the brand’s already-excellent 10C Pro model, the Sena 10C EVO is a thoroughly cutting-edge do-it-all moto gadget that combines a Bluetooth comm system and a state-of-the-art action camera into a single, compact unit. Starting with the comm system, the 10C EVO features a four-way device with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, HD call clarity, range of up to a mile, and Sena’s Advanced Noise Control feature that hugely cuts down on unwanted wind and other background noise. As far as the action camera aspect, the 10C EVO boasts a 4K unit that’s capable of recording 4K video at 30FPS. Additionally, this Sena product is also able to be controlled through voice prompts, or via an optional handlebar-mounted remote. Other highlights on the Sena 10C EVO include video tagging, audio integration for adding narration or music over video, dual mobile phone pairing, and a battery that affords up to 20 hours of talk time and 1.5 hours of video recording on a single charge. 

Video Quality: 4K, 2160p, 1440p, 1080p
Resistances: Waterproof
Recording Time: 1.5 Hours

EyeLights Eyeride Moto HUD

EyeLights Eyeride Moto HUD
Photo: EyeLights
Why It Made The Cut
  • An advanced & lightweight motorcycle head-up display that can be mounted to your existing helmet.

Best Head-Up Display: Another technology borrowed from fighter jet cockpits, HUDs (or Head-Up Displays) project a vehicle’s instrumentation into the corner of the user’s field of vision, so they can keep an eye on these vital metrics without having to look away from the road. This tech has been available in high-end cars for some time, and though the idea is by no means novel in the motorcycle world, there has yet to be a success moto HUD that’s been able to stand the test of time (without going under after a few years time as we’ve seen with outfits like Skully and NuViz). And the latest player to try their luck at making a production moto HUD is Eye-Lights, with its Kickstarter-funded EyeRide HUD. Like a standard moto comm system, this device consists of internal speakers and a microphone, and externally helmet-mounted controller, and of course the HUD itself, which is positioned just above the user’s right eye. A fascinating use of augmented reality, the EyeRide HUD can show speed and RPM, though users also have the option of having the device display text and call info, music playback controls, and even turn-by-turn GPS directions digitally shown on the roads.

Battery: 1,850-mAh
Weight: 8 Grams
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2

Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS Kit

Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS Kit
Photo: Trail Tech
Why It Made The Cut
  • A high-tech GPS-equipped 4.0” TFT display with live location tracking for up to 20 riders.

Best GPS Display: Since its inception in 2001, Trail Tech has grown into one of the most respected brands in the off-road and adventure motorcycle space, with a deep catalog of premium dirt-focused products born out of real-world riding experience. Trail Tech’s Voyager Pro GPS kit was made specifically for off-road applications, boasting rugged construction, and an IP67-rating. Equipped with a 4” glove-friendly full-color touchscreen TFT display, the device comes preloaded with North American maps and is powered by a 3,100mAh Lithium-ion battery. The GPS unit can also record ride routes, or let the user pick from pre-uploaded rides from other users — all the while tracking speed and elevation up to almost 30,000’. Other highlights include “buddy tracking” which lets you keep an eye on up to 20 other riders (who are also using Voyager Pro GPS units and are without a 1.5-mile range), and an emergency button that activates a GPS SOS beacon. Measuring 5.6″ x 3.5”, the GPS unit is sold with a plastic handlebar mounting hardware kit and everything needed to wire and connect the gadget, though Trail Tech also offers a handful of powertrain sensors that enable the display to show real-time RPM, voltage, speed/distance, engine temperature, etc.

Display Size: 4.0”
Weather Resistance: IP67

Dainese Smart Jacket

Dainese Smart Jacket
Photo: Revzilla
Why It Made The Cut
  • A state-of-the-art wireless airbag vest that can be worn under any regular garment affording it unparalleled levels of protection.

Best Wireless Airbag: After more than 25 years of intensive research and development that included ample testing by MotoGP riders, Dainese finally debuted its game-changing Smart Jacket (which yes, is technically a vest, though is also offered in a long-sleeved version). This compact, cutting-edge wireless airbag system can be worn beneath any regular jacket or suit, affording pretty much any garment some of the highest levels of protection that money can buy. Also equipped with 26 hours of battery life and standard CE level 1 and 2 armor, the Dainese Smart Jacket uses more than half a dozen onboard sensors that feed real-time data through an advanced algorithm that monitors these inputs 1,000 times every second. In the event of a high-side, low-side, or front or rear-end collision is detected, the airbag can deploy around the rider’s torso in only 30 milliseconds. As a point of reference, it takes the human eye around 100 to 150 milliseconds to blink. Activated via a magnetic chest button, this vest is also completely waterproof, and boasts haptic feedback along with an LED light interface. 

Shell Material: Proprietary Abrasion-Resistant Stretch Fabric
Armored: Yes

Shoei OpticSon Helmet

Shoei OpticSon Helmet
Photo: Shoei
Why It Made The Cut
  • The very first HUD-equipped smart helmet from one of the world’s most revered moto helmet brands.

Best Smart Helmet: Shoei already Unequivocally makes some of the finest motorcycle helmets on the planet, though the Japanese brand has just pushed the envelope once again with its new HUD-equipped OpticSon smart helmet. The Shoei OpticSon unethically is crafted around Shoei’s proprietary Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus shell and features the brand’s incredibly-fog-resistant injection-molded CNS-1 “DRYLENS” shield, Personal Fitting System, Emergency Quick Release System, and a removable quick-drying, moisture-wicking liner. Inside, the helmet sports a pivoting Head-Up Display that sits in front of the wearer’s right eye and displays call and text alerts, GPS directions using augmented reality, street names, estimated arrival times, and a clock, amongst others. The helmet also includes an onboard comm system with built-in speakers and a microphone array, as well as a chin-guard with an embedded light sensor that automatically adjusts the tint of its visor based on lighting, selecting one of its five settings to best suit current conditions — though this can also be adjusted manually. 

Shell Material: Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+
Weight: N/A
Safety Certifications: TBD

BMW ConnectedRide Smartglasses

BMW ConnectedRide Smartglasses
Photo: BMW Motorrad
Why It Made The Cut
  • A cutting-edge pair of moto-specific sunglasses with HUD-style data projected on an inner lens.

Best Smart Glasses: Unveiled just last month, the BMW ConnectedRide Smartglasses resemble your average pair of Oakley or Ray-Ban sport shades, however, these cutting-edge riding glasses have a very impressive trick up their sleeve. Pairing with the BMW Motorrad Connected App, the ConnectedRide Smartglasses feature a micro HUD display that shows metrics such as real-time speed, speed limit, gear position, and turn-by-turn navigation directions. Drawing from a USB-rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that affords a full 10 hours of use on a single charge, BMW’s new smartglasses also boast an integrated light sensor as well as a built-in optics module. Offered in two sizes, the frame on BMW Motorrad’s ConnectedRide Smartglasses was also designed to comfortably fit and be worn beneath a motorcycle helmet, be it an open or full-faced lid. Able to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to +50°C), the ConnectedRide Smartglasses are sold with two included pairs of lenses; a clear set; and a tinted set — plus BMW offers an RX adapter that allows them to easily be fitted with prescription lenses. 

Frame Material: N/A
Lenses: Clear, Tinted, UVA/UVB (or prescription)
Frame Sizes: Medium, Large

Honorable Mention

One Final Noteworthy Runner-Up

EatSleepRIDE Crashlight Service

EatSleepRIDE Crashlight Service
Photo: EatSleepRIDE

EatSleepRIDE’s Crashlight service turns smartphones into digital guardian angels for riders. Using a smartphone’s sensors and a complex algorithm that was born out of an enormous amount of testing and R&D, the Crashlight service can automatically detect motorcycle crashes. If a crash is detected and the rider isn’t responsive, their coordinates are automatically sent to a predetermined emergency contact(s) who can then summon emergency medical services. While this is a premium feature, it only costs $15 a year, which comes out to less than a nickel per day. And considering that Crashlight has already saved real lives since its launch, we’d argue this is a well-worthwhile investment that every motorcyclist should make, whether they commute on a daily basis or only ride a few times per year. The smartphone app also automatically detects every time you get on a bike to go ride and tracks your journey, recording your GPS route, speed, elevation, and lean angle at any given moment during your ride. Furthermore, you can also share routes with other ESR app users, or checkout rides and routes others have posted — a fantastic resource for discovering some of the best riding roads in existence.

Compatibility: iOS & Android
Subscription Required: Yes (though only for premium features)

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