11 Sustainable Stocking Stuffers & Fillers Santa Is Gifting This Christmas

11 Sustainable Stocking Stuffers & Fillers Santa Is Gifting This Christmas

Christmas morning simply isn’t the same without a stocking filled with little treats and goodies, but this year, tell Santa you only want sustainable stocking stuffers.

Whether you like to go traditional with chocolate and oranges or want to add a little extra surprise, these eco-friendly stocking stuffer ideas will inspire you this holiday season.

Oh, and the best bit?

Most of these Christmas gifts are for adults—because who said stockings are just for kids?

The Best Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers You’ll Definitely Want to Ask Santa For

Siblings offers cozy Christmas candles with a DIY edge. Begin with a DIY candle starter kit, and then they’ll be able to refill to their heart’s content.

Make your phone last longer with Pela. Using an innovative biodegradable material, they make a wide range of phone cases for iPhone and Android phones. 

It wouldn’t be a stocking without chocolate (we don’t make the rules, sorry). Endangered Species Chocolate means you can enjoy tasty chocolate while donating to wildlife conservation charities.

We all know Christmas is the season of consumerism.

Approximately $16 billion of unwanted Christmas presents end up in landfill every year in the US.

Aside from being a huge waste of money, that’s a lot of wasted resources – some of which are plastic or other synthetic materials that take hundreds if not thousands of years to break down.

So, what’s the answer?

Fill your Christmas stocking with sustainable stocking fillers.

Look for presents from eco-conscious businesses and gifts that help your loved ones ultimately lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Luckily, you’re in the right place. 

Read on to find some perfect sustainable stocking stuffer ideas that suit a range of budgets and sustainable interests. 

Our Curated List Of The Best Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers For All Ages

1. Earth-Friendly Earphones

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers by House of Marley and Oakywood
Images by House of Marley and pebble magazine

Price Range | $12–$170 | Shop House of Marley or Oakywood

House of Marley helps spread the joy of music with an eco-friendly beat. 

Created in collaboration with the Marley family to continue the reggae legend’s legacy, the brand delivers top-quality sound with natural materials.

The stocking-friendly Little Bird True Wireless Earbuds are crafted from bamboo and recycled plastic. They have up to six hours of playtime and up to 24 hours of listening. 

A built-in microphone helps you switch from music to calls, plus they feature enhanced audio for movies and gaming. 

Keep AirPods protected with a wooden AirPod case from Oakywood. The walnut wood cover features a gap for your charging cable, and the microfiber lining helps it fit snugly over an Apple Airpod case. 

These cases make great eco-friendly stocking stuffers for travelers as they give AirPods a more subtle cover, which is handy when you don’t want them to be instantly recognizable.

2. Conscious Candles

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers by P.F. Candle Co. and Siblings
Images by pebble magazine and Siblings

Price Range | $20–$78 | Shop Siblings or P.F. Candle Co.

Give the gift of light with the soft, warm glow of a candle flame on a chilly winter’s night. 

If your loved one has a crafty side, the DIY candle kit by Siblings is the perfect stocking stuffer. It comes complete with a ceramic vessel, a wick, and a 10 oz packet of scented coconut wax. 

The scent is a gentle bergamot with notes of geranium and patchouli. Once the candle runs out, they can purchase a new DIY beeswax pack. Oh, and the packet is compostable, too.

Prefer to keep your stocking stuffers simple? 

P.F. Candle Co. offers hand-poured candles made with domestically grown soy wax that are paraben and phthalate-free. 

Bring tranquillity to your loved one’s home with a 7.02oz lavender-scented candle contained in an amber apothecary-style glass jar. It has calming notes of lavender mixed with mint and orange derived from all natural essential oils—not toxic synthetic fragrances.

Naturally scented candles make perfect healthy stocking stuffers so why not give a gift that lights up both the room and the planet with a clean conscience?

3. Unique Cameras

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers by Papershoot
Images by pebble magazine

Price Range | $25–$250 | Shop Camera Paper Shoot

Have a budding photographer in your life? Or a friend who loves an excuse to bring a disposable camera with them to every event? 

Why not upgrade them with “the cutest digi-cam on the internet” and one of our personal favorite gifts to give (and receive) this year.

These point-and-shoot cameras by Paper Shoot make quirky stocking stuffers that are unique, sustainable, and have heaps of style. 

Start off with a Paper Camera with a lens featuring an 18MP CMOS image resolution, time-lapse capabilities, and a 1440p 10-second video clip in MP4 format. It also supports an SD card with a maximum 128GB capacity. 

Next, choose a paper case that reflects your loved one’s personality. 

If you can’t get over the paper aspect, rest assured that it’s highly durable stone paper constructed from pressed limestone and biodegradable resin. It’s more durable than plastic!

4. Ethical Beauty Products

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers by Axiology and Activist
Images by pebble magazine

Price Range | $14–$65 | Shop Activist or Axiology

Beauty products are a popular choice for stockings, but let’s hold off on the dodgy skincare kits nobody wants. 

If you’re looking for vegan stocking stuffers, California-based zero waste skin care brand Activist creates skincare that advocates for change—and does wonders for the skin, too. 

Their Precious Oils Active Infusion face oil contains active botanicals to moisturize all skin types—even acne and oil-prone skin or sensitive skin like ours (and we use it near daily).

It’s vegan and cruelty-free. 

Plus, once it runs out, you can top it up with an eco-friendly refill via a lightweight pouch.

Axiology’s Color Cream Multi Sticks are ideal organic stocking stuffers for those wanting to slim down their beauty essentials but still want options. 

They’re handy makeup sticks that are easy to use; simply swipe onto the lips, eyelids, and cheeks. They’re 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and contain nourishing antioxidants. 

Use the easy color quiz to find the best makeup sticks to suit your skin tone. 

Plus, our definition of the perfect stocking stuffer is something that’s totally zero waste, so we’re happy to report they come in entirely compostable cardboard containers.

5. Plastic-Free Phone Cases

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers by Wave Case and Pela Case
Images by pebble magazine and Pela Case

Price Range | $33–$60 | Shop Wave Case or Pela Case

We’re all about increasing the lifespan of tech rather than buying the flashiest new upgrade. 

Cases are an easy way to help protect your phone against knocks and drops, but you don’t have to resort to plastic. 

Wave Case makes eco-friendly phone cases made from biodegradable wheat straw. 

Designed in the UK, they’re ultra-sturdy and military drop-grade with a 2mm lip to protect the screen. We love their wide range of colors, etched patterns, and unique texture that also helps us hold onto our phone a bit better. 

Pela covers phones from Apple as well as Samsung, Galaxy, and Google Pixel with strong cases made from plant-based polymer. 

You can add a liquid screen protector for full coverage support, and they will even pay you if you crack your phone with the screen protector and case on.

One of the best sustainable stocking stuffers for kids and adults, Pela offers a range of single-color or cool patterned and personalized phone cases.

6. Calming Crafts

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers by The Cherry Bloom US and The Wildest One
Images by The Cherry Bloom US and The Wildest One

Price Range | $12–$45 | Shop The Wildest One or The Cherry Bloom US 

We love practical stocking stuffers that unleash your creativity. That’s why a Japanese Kintsugi kit by The Wildest One is on our list this year. 

Kintsugi is the ancient art of golden repair, which embraces rather than hides the flaws of a broken item. 

The kit allows you to restore broken ceramics with your own creative flair, giving them a new lease of life and keeping them out of the trash can. Buy the standard kit or add a handmade ceramic bowl for them to break and repair at their leisure. 

The Cherry Bloom US helps you get creative with embroidery. Their DIY embroidery kits are ideal for beginners wanting to grow their confidence in a new skill. 

Kits come with a pattern, hoop, video tutorial, needles, and cotton threads. 

We recommend the bamboo or beechwood hoops as they make for plastic-free and more environmentally friendly stocking fillers. 

7. Timeless Watches

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers by DecideandAct and Solios
Images by DecideandAct and Solios

Price Range | $186–$340 | Shop Solios or DecideandAct 

Watches are sophisticated stocking stuffers, but it’s time to make them sustainable too. Solios uses the sun’s rays to tell the time. 

No, we’re not talking about old-fashioned sundials. 

Their cutting-edge wristwatches have a battery that charges with artificial and natural light so you never have to replace it. Just two hours of light exposure (real or artificial) banks six months of energy reserve. 

For timeless eco-friendly gifts, check out the Solar Mini in Rose Gold or the Solar Black Classic, both made from certified recycled stainless steel.

Time is a privilege, and DecideandAct gives some back with every purchase. Through every watch, they make a 10% donation to an NGO partner of your choice that gives time back to those in need through peace, diversity, and ecology.

We love the Warm Endless Handshake watch which is Swiss-made and features a vegan reversible strap. The watch face is made from 80% recycled stainless steel. 

DecideandAct makes unisex watches, so they’re a great choice if you’re looking for gender-neutral stocking stuffer ideas. 

8. Sustainable Shaving Kits

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers by Leaf and EcoRoots
Images by pebble magazine

Price Range | $40–$199 | Shop Leaf Shave or EcoRoots

We’ll shave you some shopping time by letting you know reusable gifts are in this year—and that includes in stockings!

Reusable razors make for easy, eco-friendly stocking fillers that are practical and plastic-free. 

EcoRoots offers a stainless steel safety razor that wins big stylish points. 

It’s made from recyclable zinc alloy and stainless steel with a single blade and balanced weight. It also comes with five free blades. 

Choose between rose gold or black, and why not add in more eco-friendly products like a vegan shaving soap? 

Bearded folks who need more specialist equipment to tame their face mane will love the futuristic-looking single-edge razors from Leaf Shave. They’re intuitive to use and in a wide range of colors. 

Just remember to opt for twig for lighter hair or thorn for coarser hair and closer shaves. 

Their packaging is plastic-free and carbon-neutral, too!

9. Fair Trade Guilt-Free Chocolate

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers by Endangered Species Chocolate and Divine Chocolate
Images by Endangered Species Chocolate and Divine Chocolate

Price Range | $3–$100 | Shop Divine Chocolate or Endangered Species Chocolate

What’s Christmas without ethical chocolate?

Not any Christmas we want to celebrate, that’s for sure.

Tasty treats that share our ethical and fair trade values give a much more satisfying sweet fix. 

Give your loved one a taste of the Divine with ethical chocolate bars by social enterprise Divine Chocolate

It’s co-owned by Kuapa Kokoo Farmers, a Ghanaian cooperative that ensures fair trade and ethical treatment in their corner of the cocoa industry. 

Treat them to a Divine Tasting Collection, a pack of six mini bars from the brand’s best-seller list. We’re talking Dark Chocolate with Raspberries and Milk Chocolate with Toffee & Sea Salt to name a few. 

Divine also has vegan chocolate stocking stuffers such as dark chocolate with mint crispy thins. 

Animal lover with a sweet tooth? 

A bar of Endangered Species Chocolate is a great stocking stuffer that’ll go down a treat. 

Every fair trade chocolate bar helps support endangered animals as the brand donates 10% of annual profits to wildlife and conservation charities worldwide. 

Do your bit for the coral reef with orange + 60% dark chocolate or go festive and raise awareness of the plight of the caribou with fudgy peanut butter + 48% milk chocolate. 

These guilt-free chocolate bars make perfect, eco-friendly stocking stuffers for kids, too.

10. Eco Kitchen Essentials

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers by SuperBee and PlantishFuture
Images by pebble magazine and PlantishFuture

Price Range | $2–$27 | Shop SuperBee or PlantishFuture

Kitchen essentials don’t have to be boring or riddled with plastic. Zero waste stocking stuffers for the kitchen can help propel your loved one on their journey to a sustainable home. 

SuperBee’s beeswax wraps are great for ‘beeginners’ just starting to dip their toes into sustainable living. 

The set of three sizes comes in a range of funky patterns that are certain to make plastic wrap a thing of the past. Alpacas, anyone? 

They can be used to cover food (great for Christmas) or to wrap sandwiches. They’re easy to wash, antibacterial, food safe, and last up to two years. The organic cotton is also GOTS-certified. 

Once they wear out, they can be popped into the home compost to complete their zero waste life cycle. 

Plantish Future makes washing up zero waste with their Solid Dish Soap Scrubber Bundle. It’s a super budget-friendly stocking filler too. 

The kit includes a fragrance and palm oil-free solid dish soap with a palm and sisal scrubber and eco sponge. They’re recyclable, durable, food-safe, and made from natural materials.

They look great by the kitchen sink, but why not make them look even better with PlantishFuture’s bamboo soap dish? 

11. Kind Jewelry

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers by Bottled Up Designs and Ocean Plastics
Images by Bottled Up Designs and Ocean Plastics

Price Range | $22–$119 | Shop Bottled Up Designs or Ocean Plastics

Eco-friendly stocking fillers that turn trash into treasure? 

Etsy seller Bottled Up Designs removes harmful broken glass from the environment and turns it into beautiful recycled jewelry. 

Each piece comes from an antique glass bottle with its own story to tell, like an early 1900s purple medicine bottle or a cobalt 1960s face cream bottle. 

The Recycled Vintage Mason Jar Sterling Silver Botanical Leaf Ring makes the perfect sustainable stocking filler for nature lovers. 

The vintage mason jar gem has been reclaimed from the woods and farmland of rural Pennsylvania. The ring is adjustable to finger size, too. 

Ocean Plastics is another Etsy seller clearing the beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with jewelry that fights against plastic pollution. 

Their colorful reclaimed plastic jewelry spans from rings to necklaces. These fun stocking stuffers for adults make a unique retro statement. We love the Exuma 18kGP earrings with their cool and eye-catching triangle shape. 

The plastic is set with eco resin, and the packaging is compostable. For every pair of gold earrings sold, the brand donates a dollar to the Surfrider Foundation to support them in ridding the ocean of plastic waste. 

Closing Thoughts On The Best Sustainable Christmas Stocking Alternatives

No matter your age, it’s hardly Christmas without a stocking hung by the chimney with care to look forward to on Christmas morning.

And you can take ‘hanging with care’ much farther than your

 gift that’s kind to the planet and reflects your ethical values? 

Whether it’s vegan Christmas stocking stuffers or zero waste stocking stuffers, these little gifts will have a much bigger positive impact on the world than mass-produced, plastic-covered presents that nobody wants. 

As a hint for yourself or to help inspire sustainable Christmas cheer this holiday season, don’t forget to share this list of sustainable stocking stuffers with a friend. 

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